Ghanian TheIdeaScout Is Searching West Africa For That Ahaa Idea

At its core, theideascout is a group-edited publication, with a mission to scour West Africa for the most innovative and promising ideas, concepts, and ventures that appear well positioned for regional or international adaptation, expansion, cooperation, investment or partnering.


IdeaScout operates from Ghana and presently looking for ideas and partners.


If you have an interest in West Africa and are but not limited to any of the following: a budding entrepreneur, start up executive, management consultant, marketing director, trend watcher, journalist, private investor, business development officer, venture capitalist, NGO director, social activist, part of the diaspora, or just discontent with the status quo, can provide you with the most salient inspiration. We seek to write engaging articles to help you make better decisions regarding your entrepreneurial enterprise, and help investors make better decisions regarding where to put their capital, whether financial, political, or social in West Africa.



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