Hosts Over 90,000 Kenyan Sites – SpaceKenya and Whive Are Thriving

Kenyan Whive hosts over 90,000 Kenyans through its Space Kenya. They are also have 5 Social Media Applications that provide the most comprehensive Social Marketing tools for the African Market.


Through their, they are currently the number 1 brand offering Bulk SMS services in Kenya. Using this experience they have built a formidable SMS applications on leading Social Networks in Kenya including


They also have a Native Mobile Application that we are developing with Nokia Corporation. This Mobile Application tool that provides communication and publishing capabilities to the user in the 3 mostly used languages in Kenya which include Swahili, English and Sheng.


They are also developing a geo-location driven marketing app that will help customers reach customers based on their locations.


These are some of their platform products


Facebook Platform
This application integrates our SMS platform for Kenyan Facebook users. The application allows the user to send free SMS to any Kenyan number with a 20 character advert attached at the end of each message. This is a very effective way of advertising a Social Product such as coffee as the message originates from ones friends.
Example 1: Hi Angela did you get the package I sent you ~ Enjoy YOUR_PRODUCT coffee all over Nairobi
Example 2: Hi Angela did you get the package I sent you ~ Win YOUR_PRODUCT coffee treat today @
This form of advertising is more effective than any other available media today because message adverts originate from friends and people you know and are therefore more likely to be read and be effective.
Our Facebook application can be found at


Whive Platform is our main platform and to date we have about 80,000 subscribers. All our advertising platforms integrate at Whive and we are able to statistically analyse how a campaign is running as we correlate data of a user’s experience. Whive has the capacity to carry Blogs, Pictures, Classifieds, Location information of any given sponsor. These are important Social Media Tools in the marketing process.
In the case of YOUR_PRODUCT we would build a Social profile presence for YOUR_PRODUCT’s brand using the aforementioned social media tools.
This social media presence which is can also be integrated to the entire YOUR_PRODUCT online presence particularly Facebook.
In actual fact Whive acts as a localized intermediary whereby Kenyan Content and Brands find a home that our subscribers can consume. This adds value by promoting a Kenyan experience to a Kenyan consumer.


Twitter Platform
We have integrated to Twitter and we have a Friend and Data Feed platform at This is an important service for Business Managers, Marketers and Researchers to view and integrate to our data feed.
This application is very important for the YOUR_PRODUCT campaign because most Kenyan Twitter users are very likely to be aware and even consumers of the YOUR_PRODUCT Brand. Consequently in this case the objective would be to ensure that this market niche increases their uptake of YOUR_PRODUCT products, simply by presenting them an opportunity to access your product if they are near a YOUR_PRODUCT shop

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