Centre for African Learning and Development

Centre for African Learning and Development( CALD) is a social enterprise that promotes sustainable Human capacity development and economic empowerment through use of modern ICT’s or technologies by developing structures or networks that enable access to timely and relevant information and resources, formal learning/education opportunities for career development, local and international investment or business opportunities that will enable infrastructure, financial and information poor African communities compete globally.


CALD is based on 5 program areas.
  1. CALD Academy
  2. CALD Consult
  3. CALD Enterprise
  4. CALD Community
  5. CALD Volunteerism


About CALD

Center for African Learning and Develoment (CALD) is a Social Enterprise that was found by David N. Mutua a Kenyan who grew up and attended elementary/Primary and high school education in Rural Kenya experiencing the challenges and was part of the rural infrastructure, financial and information poor communities in Africa, he later attended University in India in the mid to late 90’s. After returning back to Kenya, he realised the power of social enterprises towards changing the world and immediatly focused in developing a social entrepreneurship career, due to his past experience and involvement in rural community projects and volunteering activities this fitted in well with the new found dream.

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