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Good Afternoon, Ghana; Your Currency Outperformed Nigeria’s

Good Afternoon, Ghana; Your Currency Outperformed Nigeria’s

My friends from Ghana, my post is due to my tough love for Africa. No ridicule intended! If you look at the post, I was simply commenting on a World Bank report which noted currency deterioration who’s who in Africa. But let me assure you one thing: the people of Ghana work really hard and your currency actually outperformed my beloved Nigeria, but what you did not get right is how official business is done at N435/$ when the real economy operates at N700/$ (Nigeria patented that in an Abuja shrine).

In other words, if the World Bank had used the real data, Nigeria would have recorded the worst currency in 2022 in Africa. Nigeria does magic there and I am not sure any country has a chance to compete with us therein.

Please no offense – I know how it feels. Yet, grow tough skin – and please do not send me an inmail. This piece is NOT an attack unless we have taken softness to an un-African level.

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Comment 1: Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe I believe anyone following your posts with unbiased mind would realize your analysis call out the Nigerian economy more than any other.

That Abuja shrine has out-performed Ghana abracadabra, just imagine the latest revelations with oil theft. How on earth is Nigerian economy still breathing ?

Comment 2: One of the problems with Africans is that we are too emotional and sentimental. This grossly affects our thought processes. We prefer to be lied to than be told the raw truth. Our politicians actually understand this weakness and they have leveraged it to keep us in perpetual hardships over the years. They simply lie to us and we cheer them. You can just see it in play in the Nigerian case in this subject matter. They tell us it’s 400+ instead of the 700+.

You see ehn! Reality has no soft spot for your inability to embrace critical and rational thinking and understand the difference between what you ‘think’ is obtainable and what is really obtainable.
Let’s always keep an open mind to learning.
No one is attacking anyone. I’m convinced that this our inability to develop a hard stomach that could handle unbiased pills called truth is one of the reasons they chose not to teach us our true history in some of our schools.
It’s well oo.

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