Good Things Happen When Government Screens, Recruits and Trains Employees for Companies Free


Hello People, it is like fairytale. Government will recruit and train employees for you and then send to you for hire – FREE. You cannot beat that. That is what U.S. state Louisiana is doing to become competitive. The FastStart is a novel problem that is poised to attract many companies to the state. Can an African government do that? We mean screen, recruit and train employees and then give you to hire? That will be awesome and savings in many ways.


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Program Overview

Launched in 2008, Louisiana FastStart™ provides customized recruitment, screening and training to new and expanding, eligible companies — all at no cost.


Recognized for its innovation, effectiveness and efficiency, Louisiana FastStart has quickly established a presence among workforce solutions programs nationwide. Based on a company’s immediate and long-term workforce needs, the Louisiana FastStart team crafts unique programs that ensure workers are prepared on day one and beyond. The relationship between the Louisiana FastStart team and Louisiana companies is often multiyear, lasting until the final employee is hired and trained.



Louisiana FastStart’s team of industry experts assesses workforce needs, then designs turnkey products and solutions specifically for each company. They use the latest technology to create modules that can eliminate training time by up to two-thirds, helping businesses open their doors quickly when productivity matters most.


Designed to be service-minded and flexible, Louisiana FastStart also offers new or expanding companies round-the-clock availability and immediate response time. With Louisiana FastStart’s strategic and results-oriented approach, companies see results. Services are provided at no cost.



In 2008, Gov. Jindal and the Legislature passed comprehensive workforce development reforms to improve how workers are trained and how they are connected to business and industry needs. As a rapid-response component, Louisiana Economic Development launched Louisiana FastStart.


Louisiana FastStart’s partners include the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, and local colleges and universities – a unique model that enables streamlined, efficient pre-employment training. The partnership also means Louisiana FastStart has access to a network of adult education resources that can benefit a company at launch and in the future.

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