If Microsoft Could Become Five Fortune 500 Companies – A Deep Look Into Our Structure

The monster that houses Windows OS. The beast that has ruled the world of PC for decades. Microsoft, irrespective of the noise from Google Docs, has no competitor in office tools. WordPerfect is history and we are all living in the age of Microsoft Office.


Yet, Microsoft has some really troubling problems. If you remove Windows and perhaps the server business, Microsoft loses a heartbeat.  In short, except those two businesses and (perhaps) its game section, the behemoth Bill Gates created is not firing very well in all cylinders. They may not really care because Windows is still growing money on trees. When you make $13b profit in 18b of revenue, you cannot be luckier. But that it happens today does not mean Microsoft must not learn to be adaptive.


If you ask the Tekedia – this is what we will do in Microsoft. We will break it into five companies.

Windows- this company should just keep adding cookies and that will do it

Office – Then it can work on Linux, iOS, BB, Symbian, and Android. They just create the stuff without regard to Windows

Bing Search – yes, they are yet to scratch Google

Server  – doing great and must be up to compete with Sun Oracle

Games – xbox is holding up well


Yes, we think that smaller pieces could bring the innovation out of these units in Microsoft. Of course, we do not see the numbers Mr. Steve Ballmer sees everyday.

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