Can Google Africa Help Eritrea? Notable For Rejecting Foreign Aids And Support

As we congratulate South Sudan for its independence, we need to remember Eritrea. Eritrea fought for more than three decades to have independence from Ethiopia, in 1993. It got it and ever since its promise of liberty and independence has taken a new turn. Today, it is ravaged by famine. It is a reclusive nation and one of the most autocratic nations in Africa.


Tekedia Intelligence has noted that this nation of 5.3 million people is a gun powder that is exploding now. Recall that footballers that went to play in Tanzania ran away. Recall that many of the doctors have moved to neighboring African nations. Recall that even senior government officials absconded while on official duties in other countries. Of course, the government of President Isaias Afwerki retaliates by locking up their relatives and imprisoning them.


Eritrea continues to get billions  from gold, copper and zinc mines from Canadian and Australian companies. Apart from those mines, this country does little with the world. It rejects all foreign aids and denies any insinuations that its people need help. Yes, Eritrea is one of the few if not the only major African nation that does not accept foreign aids. Do not interpret it as a good thing. Why? The man is not providing an alternative.


So, this brings the question: can Google Africa help this nation? Does anyone know if Google has a project there. Can it use technology to bring liberation to the people. Can Google save Eritrea by helping invest in its future? Of course, you will ask: what is Google? A company out to boost bottom lines. So Eritrea may not cut it. But we need certainty in this land.

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