Google Nigeria Day 2 Report – Could Have Been Better. Is Google Serious to Help Nigeria?

After writing about the presentation by Google Nigerian boss, Juliet, Tuesday, we had high expectations that something will come on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Day 2 was not great. The logistics was not great.


Sure, Google is into Nigeria to make money and they will just do that. But helping develop local talents? That is not in their business mission.


I agree with TechLoy who tweeted as follows

Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sep 12 – Dec 3 2022) has started; registration continuesRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program. Beat early bird for free books and other bonuses. 


Absolutely, Google is not ready to help Nigeria. It is selling ads that they care. That creative aspect is largely not present. Just read some of the tweets


@mahmoodoyewo sorry for the sad experience, it is really a shame #gnigeria


RT @mahmoodoyewo: I think #gnigeria has 2 b more security conscious in any of their events. 4 laptops were stolen just 2day and mine was inc


agogodavid David Agogo
You noticed right.No nigeria [email protected]TechLoy: After attendin #gnigeria 2day, Im convinced Google is not interested n developing the ecosystem.
Google is here to sell. No wonder they are licensing companies as Adwords partners.
Next time. Google should consult external partners. They could be good developers but they are not good organizers. I do not know what I learnt today! People expected to come there and go home with skills. Just noticed that was not the plan.
These are my suggestions:
1. You do not have to do this program yourself. You can outsource.
2. Select 10-20 people and send them for training – all expense paid for Android or Chrome. Again, corporate firms can do that. You make it competitive and this corporate trainer can help you. That will be cost effective than flying people from US and UK and putting them in five star hotel, only not to have time to teach. Training is not a hack job. You guys must use local partners.
3. Fire the event organizers if you did pay for any. They are not good.
4. Learn from this lesson! We will be ready for G Nigeria 2012 but for us to develop local contents, you need to help us. Why not award some funds to corporate trainers to help train some people.
I will write a more detailed report later – too tired now…





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