Security In Mobile and Electronic Commerce Is Serious – Pawaak Nigeria Introduces Tectia. Simply, Everything Secured.

Threats posing from the men of dark world cannot be underestimated as evolution of smart things spur on.  Despite the fact that security in ICT remains a big issue, there is need for considerable measure in curbing the dastard act going on in the cyber world.  We should now be realising how pertinent it is to ensure security of sensitive information or highly classified data either on personal mobile device or on corporate gadget.   Nigeria for instance, the IT Security should also be taken seriously, taking into an account previous activities from the cyber criminals in Nigeria by the so called ‘Yahoo boys’.    Nevertheless, as a precautionary action which I think is very important to the proliferation of Android platform Operating Systems devices – Tablets and Smartphones in our country.


Therefore, Android Developers in Nigeria should cultivate habit of caution by integrating Security Applications from the outset into their system builds. I strongly believe to an extent this would improve on the user- ability from the side of M-payment/E-payment via Smartphones as well as tablets because maximum security can boost online transactions which are being looked scary in consumer market in Nigeria especially.   So many forecasts had been predicted towards shipment of more tablets and smartphones in the coming years. So also we shall see more of small and medium businesses (SMB) using more of smartphones and tablet computers.


In a nutshell, PAWAAK Technologies is introducing Tectia Security Applications that could enable all enterprises to Secure, Automate, Manage and Share Real –Time Information. Tectia Communication Security Corporation is our software security partner from Europe, formerly SSH Communication Security, Finland, the original developer of Secure Shell of TCP/IP layer protocol for all communication platforms either wired or wireless & mobile or fixed. Tectia solutions are used to secure the network and database of so many renowned companies and organizations in the world such as the World Bank, NASA, American security agency, several banks in the UK, USA and Canada, many mobile communications companies.


There are different types and categories of Tectia Solutions which can be used to protect different IT platforms & Infrastructures and also can be integrated with any operating systems.


PAWAAK  is available to assist any organization in Africa that would want to secure their network and database, as well as Mobile and secure Applications.


Mr. Onyema is the CEO of  PAWAAK Technologies Ltd.  He is an expert on security and can be reached via [email protected]


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