Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 Event, UK, May 15 – 17 – Meet African Reps and Kids That Could Rule The Future

These kids could as well change the world. Meet the Google Zeitgeist.

Brian Magwaro Mogaka
Inspired by how the youth were living and surviving in the slums of Kenya, Brian founded a youth led organization which helps young people from the slums make a better life for themselves through activities and work.

Grace Ihejiamaizu

A passionate and committed graduate who is helping young people develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills towards nation building, through her RYPE Project (Raising Young and Productive Entrepreneurs), an after-school youth development program.

Taleni Shimhopileni

Passionate audio and film student Taleni, along with her friend Karabo, have worked together to set up a community development programme for the children in South Africa.

Michael Mulunga

After observing the poor conditions that the youth in Namibia lived with, Michael decided to work youths from one of the poorest communities in his region to start a poultry project as part of them generating an income for themselves.

An active Aids activist born HIV positive. Paul aims to empower other young people in Africa with HIV and help them to fight the stigma attached with their HIV status through his music and constant dialogue.

A budding entrepreneur with a passion for learning and mentoring who also invented the worlds first and only bath substituting lotion ‘DryBath™ Gel’ aimed at providing an alternative to conventional baths which saves lives and water.

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