He Got A Job As Managing Director

He Got A Job As Managing Director

A letter from one of our Tekedia mini-MBA students:

Dear Tekedia Team,

I received a job offer yesterday. For the final interview which took place last week, I used the One Oasis Strategy and Double Play to develop a business strategy for the company.  This is a new company coming to Lagos. I was interviewed as ED Business Development. But last Thursday, they contacted me if I was open for Managing Director. Yesterday, the offer was for MD.

Tell Prof Ekekwe that reading him has made me a better businessman in theory and practice. […] Let me know next time he will be in Lagos please.




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2 thoughts on “He Got A Job As Managing Director

  1. I am enlightened! Prof, to assess my understanding, when a car dealer situated on a busy street invest in car wash and at the same time sell water to the public be said to have applied the One Oasis Strategy?

    1. Car wash in the way we do it in Nigeria does not scale since the marginal cost does not reduce with scale: you keep hiring more washers. Also, none of the business units – car wash and pure water – seeded the other even though both are using water. Washing car was not a feeder into pure water business and vice versa. So, this is a not good example.


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