He Has a Great Job, from a Multinational Company in Lagos

He Has a Great Job, from a Multinational Company in Lagos

I do read testimonials how people have taken some of my insights here to interviews and scaled the hurdles. Two months ago, a man going for a management interview studied and spoke on one specific framework, internalizing it to that specific company. Because the interview was high profile, I did spend time working on a strategy slide for him to present before the assessment board. The plan was to offer a new nexus for that firm under his leadership. He succeeded.

But the most fascinating feedbacks come from entry level graduates. I had pushed many to be (productively) visible online, offering free hosting courtesy of my non-profit African Institution of Technology. Today, a young graduate is starting in a Lagos company (a multinational consulting company). Over the last few months, he has been writing and even sometimes summarizing articles written by others, drawing applications from them. When he went to the interviews, those articles provided deeper thought-leadership advantages ahead of his peers. This is his note, redacted to protect his privacy:

Good afternoon, Prof.

Thank you so much for all the impacts you have made in my life. I knew I really did not need to meet you face to face before my life will be shaped by the messages you share.

You may be wondering what on earth you have done for me! I know one day, God will empower me to return the act of love and generosity. Your messages inspired me to register my company and start putting up my pieces of writings on a blog your team designed for me after I read the piece on “How to get Job in Nigeria.” I didn’t have the money to pay for the blog design then being a young boy who just finished …{redacted as private details shared}.

Today, I am an {redacted} Professional services … Indeed, those principles you taught have helped me to unlock opportunities.

“You have blessed my life beyond what you could imagine. I hope one day, I will say thank you in a better ways than my words can tell.

I thought to say thank you after I read your piece titled “My First Day in America and Kindness of Diamond Bank Lagos.” I was touched by the story and I hope to share the summary of your story on my blog if given the opportunity and also reference it to the full link of the article.

I couldn’t tell you thank you when I met you in LUTH at the AI Program but I was glad I was able to take a photo with you.

Thank you for the mentoring.

In this age of internet, you interview for jobs even when there is none before you. You must let people know what you know, and can do!



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