He Is The World’s Greatest Innovator

He Is The World’s Greatest Innovator

I have worked in some of the finest engineering teams in the world. A team which invented inertial sensors which the United States Patent Office refused to grant patent rights because disclosing how the resolution was obtained would be a national security breach. But I have NEVER come close to this godzilla from South Africa called Elon Musk. He just sold 100,000 cars in one afternoon!

He is the generation’s finest mind and the greatest innovator of the current 21st century. Elon Musk is peerless. No one comes closer. As the Falcon 9 left the solid bounds of mother earth to touch the face of the ecclesiastical heavens, those dreams became a reality. And now he is changing the ordinance of the automotive sector, transforming markets with uncommon vision. Nations rise when pioneering entrepreneurs emerge.

America won the biggest lottery the day that South African kid flew across the Atlantic and possibly never to return. I am confident America will not forget that history of Musk: prepared in Africa, perfected in America, for the good of the world.

Musk – may Heaven bless more with more like you.


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Comment: Elon Musk is truly a visionary and it is unlikely that the world get to be blessed by many of his likes in one generation. However, sealing a deal to deliver 100,000 vehicles to Hertz by the end of 2022 on its own, is not a major deal, that approximately 274 vehicles per day. Toyota sold 27,000 vehicles daily in 2020. Elon himself was surprised of its impact on Tesla stock. Because Tesla has never had a demand problem, it has always been production or manufacturing.

My Response: You made my point. Toyota sells 10.5 million cars yearly. Tesla sells about 500k. But those 10.5m are paid and gone but the 500k will continue to earn money via subscriptions for eternity provided someone is driving them. Tesla through those 100k cars sold 100k software licenses to users. Do not compare Tesla with other car companies. Compare it with Microsoft, IBM, etc. Tesla is a software company which sells cars as its licenses are not transferable when you sell the car.


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