Tekedia Business Cases

Tekedia Business Cases

Help me document and build the largest database of business cases on African companies and brands. We are already working on Andela, Paystack, Tenecee, BBNaija, M-KOPA, Cellulant, Ashesi University Ghana, Copia, etc. Provided you understand business, we have case samples which will help you and under our guidance, you will make it happen.

Tekedia Institute is building a library of short business cases, concept notes and investment briefs. We are looking for business strategists and analysts who can look at companies, and make sense of what they are doing. And then, in words, produce documents for our learners at Tekedia Mini-MBA. We hope to have dozens of short business cases, concept notes and investment briefs, with deep focus on African companies (and selected global ones). All documents must be sourced from publicly available information.

Each work is not expected to exceed 10 pages. We have a sample if you want to take a look. As we begin planning for edition 4 of Tekedia Mini-MBA in Feb 2021 (register here), this playbook will become a critical part of our learning process. By the end of 2021, Tekedia Institute expects to have 200 documents in our library.

Personally, I am writing a case study on Paystack, Andela, Alibaba TMALL and Jevinik. If you want to support this community service of Tekedia Mini-MBA and contribute, please email [email protected] . We have some samples to share with you as you get started. You can write on a company (eg Jumia) or a product or brand under a company (eg JumiaPay).

We are concluding Tekedia Mini-MBA for 2020 (sure, Dec 3!). Year 2021 editions would be super-awesome as we are working to introduce 200 business cases, concept notes and investment briefs on African companies as part of Tekedia Institute’s library. Let’s hear from you because we want you to be part of this collection of cases and notes. It would help many of our young people to advance.

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2 thoughts on “Tekedia Business Cases


    Dear Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe, how does my present assignments fit into this. I have the following on-going:

    i) Developing a budget templates for a manufacturing company with four divisions and presence in several parts of Nigeria
    ii) Putting together a SOA for a company in Oil & Gas (Modular Petroleum Refinery) that started in 2013, over N4b already spent, equipment on ground but not yet operational.
    iii) Developing a business plan for a local airline with two aircrafts (a nine (9) seater aero plane and a helicopter) to be run specifically on charter.

    Kind regards

    1. I think these are solid learning and development programs. But they are not necessary business cases or concept notes. However, if you contact our Admin, if in Tekedia Mini-MBA, I would be happy to discuss within the context of Tekedia Capstone. Through that we can find ways to deepen the works. Of course, we can work with you on business cases.


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