Home Community Insights Honeywell Group Partners With Lagos State Government To Support Development In Tech Ecosystem

Honeywell Group Partners With Lagos State Government To Support Development In Tech Ecosystem

Honeywell Group Partners With Lagos State Government To Support Development In Tech Ecosystem

Honeywell Group has partnered with the Lagos state government to support the growth of tech ecosystems. The partnership is executed through a talent development program under ‘Lagos Innovates’, a training program created to ease the process of building successful start-ups in Lagos state.

The program is aimed at providing the necessary tools to young innovative tech-preneurs, to enable them to build successful start-ups within the state. One core objective of the program is to assist the very best tech start-ups and founders in Lagos state who already have the basic requirements to acquire the relevant skills needed to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Speaking about the partnership, the Head of Corporate Services, Honeywell group, Tomi Otudeko stated that it has always been the mission of the company to create long-term value for Nigerians and they feel happy to see them thrive.

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In her words;

Creating long-term value for Nigeria and its people has always been at the heart of Honeywell Group’s mission. We are invested in impacting our communities, and the tech ecosystem in Lagos is filled with ideas that can revolutionize how we think and operate as a society.

We also understand that these young minds need support in accessing the tools and the people required to grow their ideas. It is our duty to support them in any way that we can.

We are excited to meet these new faces of technology and to partner with Lagos State and Lagos Innovates in easing the path to success.”

It is very commendable to see that tech start-ups not only in Lagos, but in Nigeria, have been receiving the needed support from not just the government alone, but also support from private companies. It is important to note that start-ups are the driving force of economies across the globe.

They have been estimated to hire an average of 3x more employees than other economic sectors. It is pleasing to know that tech-preneurs have been receiving great support from the Lagos state government. The Lagos state government via the Lagos state employment trust fund has been actively investing in the tech start-up ecosystem over the years through the Lagos innovate program.

No wonder the state has been called the “Silicon Valley” of Africa, because the growth of the tech ecosystem is growing at a very fast rate due to the constant support the sector has been receiving. Most of these tech start-ups have innovative ideas not only to make profit but to also transform the nation’s economy.

Unfortunately, some of them are faced with different constraints to actualize their dreams. One major problem these start-ups are faced with, is knowing where and how to source funds. Truth is, to fully develop a tech start-up vision, money is very essential.

In today’s digital era, technology has significantly shaped and influenced economies and businesses in ways a lot of us could not imagine. With the recent development in the Nigerian tech start-up ecosystem, it is crystal clear that massive support from private companies and the government will immensely benefit both start-ups and the Nigerian economy.

Nigerian tech start-ups are no doubt creating value for the society, including supporting one of the government’s core agenda of job creation, which they are playing an active role in reducing the number of unemployed youths in the country.

Today, Singapore has become a technology powerhouse because of its supportive government. The country’s government policy is to combine business-friendly policies with heavy investment in the tech sector.

In India, the government came up with several innovations to support tech start-ups, and to foster a culture of innovation. The government has also ensured that there are policy initiatives geared toward helping start-ups to raise funds for growth and expansion.

It is therefore pertinent for the Nigerian government to take a cue from these countries aforementioned, and replicate the same in the country. Doing it will no doubt improve the nation’s economy and also move the country from an undeveloped state to a developing or developed one.

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