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How Do You Bring Jinns into Your Life?

How Do You Bring Jinns into Your Life?

When a Jinn takes possession of a person, the first place he or she travels is to the brain. You are aware that they are like rays that travel enormous distances in a matter of seconds. The possessed will begin to develop possession symptoms at this point. This is a stage of mental unconsciousness, our analysts note. The sufferer may withdraw from others and prefer to be alone. He or she may begin to speak things that you do not comprehend. If you try to keep the sick from leaving a given area, he or she may gain the power of five heavyweight men. In fact, if the patient is a Muslim who does not joke with prayers, he or she may quit observing his or her five daily prayers.

These are only a few examples of mental unconsciousness. The Jinn’s primary purpose is to make the patient misbehave. As a result, whether in private or in public, misbehavior frequently leads in stigma and stereotypes. Anyone who understands how Jinns produce mental unconsciousness and is in the presence of this patient would suspect that the patient is possessed, especially if the patient has no history of psychiatric disease or environmental triggers.


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Many people wonder if humans can invite or summon Jinns. According to our knowledge and experiences, some fetishists may summon Jinns with whom they have a covenant. Some pseudo-clerics seek Jinn assistance as well. In our experience, we knew some persons who sought financial and academic assistance from Jinns. Finally, the Jinns cursed them with incurable, life-threatening mental diseases.

So, how do humans inadvertently invite Jinns into their lives? Documents and personal experiences demonstrate that non-believer Jinns enjoy watching humans engage in certain activities. When someone engages in such behavior, they are more likely to possess the person. Fornication and adultery; entering toilets/bathrooms without saying the recommended prayer; throwing hot water on earth surfaces (without saying Bismillahi); staying late and going very early to the market (it is recommended to recite protective verses and prayers when navigating a crowded market); and deriving pleasure/happiness from music are some examples. However, Jinns have been observed possessing patients merely because the Jinns like the patients as wives or husbands.

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Umar Olansile Ajetunmobian independent, interdisciplinary researcher with special interests in political, (mental) health, development, and digital media communication, contributes to the development of this piece through his skills and knowledge garnered over the years. 

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