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How To Build Multinational Non-Profits | Tekedia Mini-MBA

How To Build Multinational Non-Profits | Tekedia Mini-MBA

Today at Tekedia Institute, we will have a lecture from a young man who has been on a mission to deepen our understanding of singularity, anti-aging, and other esoteric components of natural philosophy and metaphysics.  Ósìnàkáchì Ákùmà Kálù built one of the most prominent non-profits in this space, and has successfully mobilized hundreds of eminent scholars and researchers from around the world.

So, we asked him: come to Tekedia Mini-MBA and explain how you were able to build Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions taffds.org and share lessons for those who may be looking to build a global non-profit (NGO).

Yes, at Tekedia Institute, we do not just teach you how to build for-profit businesses, we also have in our curriculum, how you can expand your NGO.

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  1. I say cudos and weldone to the young man who just made it through from tekedia mini MBA. I am supposed to be in that class of graduates but, some how, the Lord God Almighty decided to give me a whole lot of other assignments with a promise that I shall have my turn of timing soon ahead. So, congratulations and best of what it takes. Till I join, bye for now.

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