How To Handle Losing A Job

How To Handle Losing A Job

By George Aboh 

Time: DEC 22.

I was relieved from my job of 4.3 years. The excuse was that the firm wasn’t making sales. Some of us must go, to reduce cost and overhead.

Losing your job can be one of life’s harshest experiences. Your career, income and self-esteem can all be hit hard. And in an instant, doubt and uncertainty wipe out, any satisfaction and security.

You lose more than just your regular salary when you lose your job; status, routine and your social network are included. This can erode your self-esteem and identity quickly.

My Lifelines

  • Don’t transfer your aggression on your loved ones. They’re the greatest support structure now.
  • Polish up your social media presence.
  • Avoid criticism. Don’t take it personal. Never criticize your manager, coworkers or the organization. DON’T burn bridges!
  • Spend less. Be thrifty
  • Be Kind to Yourself. Exercise, eat and rest.

My Take Home

Remaining self-confident and continuing to believe in yourself can be difficult at times like this. Don’t take it personal. No pity party!

However, apart from looking for a job, make very good use of the extra time to read, learn and improve yourself.

Don’t waste your time watching TV or playing around on social media, but rather look for resources that will teach you something of value. And prepare you for the next opportunity.

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