How to Make Remote Work More Productive

How to Make Remote Work More Productive

You will be happy to know that innovation should produce a better result. I was addressing a team one time, I used the concept of innovation of strategy to illustrate this.

 We know if a new strategy is better than the other in performance and not in description or how it works. So, we only need to replace an existing system with a new innovation when it has been tested that the innovation is better in output.

 At the end of the day, we ended up concluding that a new innovation in marketing should be able to produce better marketing results than an existing one if not there will be no need for its replacement.

Why do we need a car instead of a horse, when the two have similar purpose? It is simply because the car is more efficient than a horse. This applies to all forms of innovations.

In this article, I will provide you a great analysis of how you can achieve better results through remote working strategy.

Now , let’s get started.

How to Make Remote Work More Productive

When you critically look at the concept of remote working, you will discover it has two components. It has the management and the team or the employer and the employee. So, in order to achieve a desired result from remote working, the two sides of the equation need to be balance with the following;

Remote Work policy:

The remote work policy should contain policies or regulations that guides the employees. It should define what the roles of team members will be as they work remotely. It should define the do and the don’t of remote working. 

This is basically the bible that guides remote workers and their employers. This will keep them in check. An example is the Codecitty remote work policy which addressed the security of the company in relation to remote workers. 

It is the management of the company that will provide this guide.

 Discipline Factor

Being at home could be a moment to wine and dine but don’t lose sight of the remote working task. While there are many distractions at home, you have been given a level of trust by your employer. 

So, what will help you to stay on course is discipline. With discipline, you can avoid distractions in order to focus on  your remote working tasks. This is what every remote worker must learn to do and inculcate  as a habit.

Target Factor

The management should set a benchmark for the work being done remotely. It will be required that everyone meet the benchmark. We don’t just want work but we want work that will produce the expected outcome.

 So, employees should give remote workers targets to reach on a daily basis. Without a target there will be no parameter to measure poor performance and great performance.

 Virtual Supervision and Evaluation Factor

 The major difference between remote work and office work is lack of contact. Through the power of technological innovation there can be virtual contacts. So, the supervisor of every team should ensure strict supervision of remote teams in order to deliver on the targets. 

We have zoom, with impressive business model, Google meet, with impressive business model, Messenger room, with impressive business model, Whatsapp, with impressive business model etc for virtual meetings between the supervisors and the team.

Then, evaluation should also be done at the same time. It should either be weekly or everyday to know if the remote workers are measuring up to the target standard set by the supervisor.

 In my first article on remote work, I analysed how you can use it as a manager to cut cost. You can read that analysis here. With these two materials, you should be equipped to know how to explore remote work now and after coronavirus.

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