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How to prepare salespeople to outperform

How to prepare salespeople to outperform

I have the best products. If I do not tell people about them, that makes me very uncaring. I have this business mindset that I have a global obligation to be fair to all humans, and that means I have to work hard, to inform everyone that there are better products. And Ndubuisi Ekekwe has them.

When I tell you about our products, see that as a social good! I do not want to deny people their rights to use the best products in the world especially when we have them.

Good People, see marketing and sales differently.  Invite me to speak with your marketing team. I have mastered how to flip the motivation in the minds of men and women.

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Why deny the world the best products if you think your company has them? Think differently on sales! I have the medicine to cure “sales inertia” which makes sales teams underperform. Together, we will accelerate people’s confidence to see that when they promote, advertise and market, they are making the world a better place, by making sure people use the best products.

You now understand why you read about Tekedia Mini-MBA, Tekedia Capital, etc here; I admire you and I want you to be aware of the best products in their categories.


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