How You Can Invest N20 Million in Nigeria in 2018

How You Can Invest N20 Million in Nigeria in 2018

This is a question from Tekedia Forum. I like it and posting it as a piece here. Someone asked how she/he could put N20 million into work in Nigeria in 2018.

I have N20m which I have in Union Bank for treasury bill. The money was payoff from previous job. But unlike in the past where TB instructions could be in perpetual, now the bank does not reinvest automatically. I can’t be doing same monthly. I want to move the money and invest in something else. Any suggestions on good options in Nigeria. I look for max of 3 years with highest safe returns. Prof help

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I am deleting the response here. Please visit the Tekedia Forum page to read it. I updated some minor typos and would want to maintain one version to save my time.



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