HP Could Sue Oracle Over Intel Ithanium Chip Software Development Agreement


Infoworld  reports that HP has asked Oracle to reverse its decision of stopping to develop software for  Intel’s Itanium chips. HP claimed that it was in violation of “legally-binding commitments” Oracle has made to Hewlett-Packard and the companies’ approximately 140,000 shared customers, HP said Wednesday.The report continued that HP could sue Oracle if the company does not follow on the agreement and develop the software.

“HP believes that Oracle is legally obligated to continue to offer its software product suite on the Itanium platform and we will take whatever legal actions are available to us necessary to protect our customers’ best interests and the significant investments they have made,” the company said.


It should be emphasized that when HP fired its former CEO, Mr. Hurd, Oracle hired him. Ever since, HP has lost a lot of market share and continues to operates as though it does not have a firm strategy. Yet, this cannot be attributed to that as many other vendors, including Microsoft and Red Hat has stopped developing for Ithanium. So, this could be a business decision and not a payback to HP.


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