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Industry – Education Partnership Is Very Important for Development in Nigeria


We all know how important it is for industry and the educational institutions to work together if we are to develop technologically in Nigeria and Africa in general. I so long yearn to see this happen in Nigeria as it happens all over the world. Here is one very significant example.


A headline in EEtimes news and articles reads “UK university to examine energy-saving technology”


The article talks about how researches at the Loughborough university in Leicestershire UK are working under the LEEDR(Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction) project on ways to cut down energy bills. This research project is to go in conjunction with companies like O2, E.ON and AlertMe, (all players in the energy sector) to investigate energy usage and consumption patterns and cause and proffer ideas on how to reduce them. All this is towards the achievement of the UK’s plan toward CO2 reduction by 2050 – simply reducing the amount of energy we consume.

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Also, many drug companies are not aligning with Yale University, USA to partner with them on developing drugs for cancer treatment. It is bringing an alignment between industry and education and that is how development happens. These two aspects of the society have major roles to play as we match to the path of economic prosperity.


I would wish the players in the technology sector in Nigeria to think about this. What issues need attention in Nigeria in terms of technology?


If we can list them, work at them, we can be the ones to proffer solutions to them. It may be hard breaking the hard nut of faulty policies and selfish politicians, but it’s something we need and must do, in fact, it is a responsibility we have.


True innovation cannot manifest except in meeting a need, that is why “Necessity is the mother of invention”.


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