Home Tech HTC 7 Pro Review – A QWERTY Ready Windows Mobile 7 Rich Multimedia Device

HTC 7 Pro Review – A QWERTY Ready Windows Mobile 7 Rich Multimedia Device

The HTC 7 Pro is one of HTC´s first line of Windows Phone 7 handsets and offers a different experience to HTC´s other offerings thanks to its QWERTY keyboard. The Dell Venue Pro WP7 handset also features a sliding keyboard but slides vertically rather than horizontally and as such the HTC 7 Pro provides more finger space for typing. Aside from this major physical difference the HTC 7 Pro shares many similar features to HTC´s other Windows Phone 7 handsets such as the HD7, 7 Mozart and 7 Trophy.



The similarities include a 1GHz processor and 5 megapixel camera with HD support, which are shaping up to be standard features of WP7 handsets, initially at least. The camera is not only excellent for still photography with a number of software features such as geotagging and face detection but is superb for capturing video clips of your friends or family. The internal memory is set at 8GB which is a large amount for photos, videos, music or other content but is unfortunately not expandable with microSD cards.



Running on Windows Phone 7 the HTC 7 Pro comes with excellent social networking integration. Information is pooled from social networks like Facebook in real time over the web and displayed directly on the phone homescreen so you can always be aware of any notifications without the need to check via the web browser. This information is also tied in with your contacts list allowing you to message your contacts much more easily. Other messaging options available on the HTC 7 Pro include threaded SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging.

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Web browsing is also a joy on the HTC 7 Pro through the web browser which comes with HTML and Java support, but unfortunately no Flash. 3G and Wi-Fi connections are available ensuring that you can be hooked up to the internet in virtually any circumstances. Other connectivity options include GPRS and EDGE, as well as Bluetooth and microUSB for easy transfer of files to and from the phone.



The HTC 7 Pro comes with a number of professional features to enjoy, including MS Office support and a stocks app which allows you to keep track of any stock that you own. The 1GHz Snapdragon processor on board ensures that the interface and apps run smoothly and with HTC Hub you can easily attain many more apps than the ones that come preinstalled.



The 3.6″ screen is slightly smaller than many of the other WP7 handsets but is still of exceptional quality. With 16 million colours and WVGA graphics the 7 Pro truly offers some great visuals and is perfect for playing back videos captured on the camera. The screen also operates on capacitive technology which in conjunction with recent updates to Microsoft´s OS allow for multitouch input methods such as pinch to zoom.



The HTC 7 Pro boasts a wide range of entertainment and professional features to keep you busy and while it may have a slightly less cinematic screen than some of the other offerings it is greatly benefitted by the QWERTY keyboard. This is a great tool to have for messaging, emails or just general web browsing and these are all features that are expertly implemented on the 7 Pro.


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