In Kenya, They Have Built Games Around Water Resources. Now, Play GETH²O Games

GETH²O is a serious but fun mobile phone game about peace building, based on real life and with an educational purpose.  The aim of the game is to build houses and manage water resources for you and your family. You need to think about your community too.


There are many challenges: water is expensive; houses can get attacked; the river polluted; drought can strike; corruption; crime and gangs are rife. What are your strategies to prosper? While playing the game young people are faced with the dynamics of conflict and have to choose solutions for destruction or peace. Game play and dynamics are based on a real life setting.


Get serious fun on your mobile phone with the Geth2o game. Build houses and manage water resources for you and your family, think about your community and find ways to cope with challenges, such as crime or chronic water shortage. Will you overcome these challenges and prosper? Download the game to find out!


GetH2O is a serious games about peace building. Fun games based on real life situations, with an educational purpose. At first a multiplayer board game was co-created by a team of young Kenyans with designers from butterfly Works and Mamabits. Next, the game was translated into a single player mobile version. Mobile phones are incredibly popular in Kenya, especially among the youth.


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