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Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

Here are the major brands of Innoson Motors with their price guidance. The full company contacts are also provided below. 

1. Innoson FOX: N7,665,000

2.  Innoson UMU: N8,000,000

3.  Innoson G5: N12,390,000

4.  Innoson G6: N32,915,000

5.  Innoson G80: N27,825,000

6.  Innoson G40: NN17,325,000

7.  Innoson Carrier 4×4: N13,860,000

8.  Innoson Carrier 4×2: N9,400,000

9.  Innoson 5000: N19,400,000

10.  Innoson 6601: N22,995,000

11. Innoson 6857: N27,700,00

12. Innoson 6800: N34,650,000


 Innoson Motor Price 
 Model   Price in Nigerian Naira
 Innoson FOX  N7,665,000
 Innoson UMU  N8,000,000
 Innoson G5  N12,390,000
 Innoson G6  N32,915,000
 Innoson IVM G80  N27,825,000
 Innoson G40  NN17,325,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×4  N13,860,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×2  N9,400,000
 Innoson 5000  N19,400,000
 Innoson 6601  N22,995,000
 Innoson 6857  N27,700,00
 Innoson Caris  N4,500,00
 Innoson Capa – The Indomitable  N8,000,00
 Innoson G6C Carrier Pick Up  N17,700,00
 Innoson 6800  N34,650,000


Headquarters Office Address: No.2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwu-Uru -Uru, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Phone(s):+234 (0) 8105472222, (0)7089440040,(0)7033326171

Abuja+234 (0)8166126255

Lagos+234 (0)8035740097

email: [email protected][email protected]


Prices have been Updated. And we turned an earlier post on this page to become a pricing page.

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280 THOUGHTS ON Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

    • “Those cars are not profitable anywhere”. With this not being a charity, I am not sure you are helping the mission with the suggestion. It is better he focuses on where he thinks he has a chance instead of trying to serve all and he loses all.

        • Reason is that most of the materials used in production are imported, with exchange rates playing a key role.
          Until we explore our indigenous and more affordable materials for internal production, the costs of such products will continually be on the high side. Some expensive indigenous materials are however quite expensive too due to logistics among other reasons.
          Unfortunately, our policy makers are the ones making this difficult, not really Innoson.

          • You’re right, many of our made in Nigeria products are much expensive with no extra quality or benefits, hence it’s makes no sense to just patronise it in a fully competitive market.

          • Anyone who thinks the prices are expensive should find out the cost of new cars with zero mileage abroad…. No be tokubo oh I mean fresh from factory

          • Try and confirmed the price of a new cars name them you will discovered that it’s cheap here in Nigeria, honestly we need to thank innoson for his good work, most people are complaining about the price being high are you even aware that most of the so called car’s we claim that they are cheap are Old model and not even latest car’s,as for me I pray God give me one or I buy one before the end of this year

          • The average Nigerian worker can hardly afford these cars and that’s why many of them defer to the imported used vehicles. With the government’s hike in tariff every blessed day, it’s like we all should revert to using bicycles. However, my suggestion is that Innoson should try and make the government see reasons on why they have to get some tax and foreign exchange reprieve in order to deliver affordable vehicles to Nigerians. Thanks.

          • Bro, no wahala yourself. Nothing to discuss. There’s a saying, do not argue with a fool, otherwise, people might not know the difference…

          • You can not compare the quality of a any Toyota cars to a Nigerian ma de car, for your information Toyota is the 2nd most reliable car in the world that is why it’s value is very high!

          • The prices of these cars are very good, to be compared to other brands. And these cars are the latest model equipped with the latest technology. I sell cars in south Africa and I can tell you that these cars are cheap

        • Where can you get a brand new engine with that quality that amount? You cant appreciate what you have. If you dont have the money just keep calm so that you will not contaminate others with your motive because it’s contagious

          • What are you talking about just take a good look at all the prices is much higher then ever
            At list 6m
            3m or naso we go move forward..

          • so what is so special a Nigerian assembled car that all parts are imported? Until you get out of the mentality that government has to support you and start thinking of affordable ways of local production, you will continue to make excuses. Chinese produce cheap items by all standards.

          • I don’t think this issue can cause any problems. If we understand the write-up go and loon at the brand new vehicle made in any part of the world.
            Look at the price in there own corrency it very low with the price of the one they mentioned here.
            Made in Nigeria did not encourage people who can be used it to buy.
            Mind you those politicians, millonia and richest people in Nigeria will not used it in there eye they are using something locally.
            But we as the youth we will want to used it to proud of our beloved country.
            Why don’t IMC consider the prices

          • Innocent marketing is very low. Let them go out on aggressive marketing. Focusing on other African Countries where cost of Dollars is cheaper.
            God bless Innoson.

          • If these cars are produced for the Nigerian market and the costs are prohibitive then there is a problem. What marketing strategy will take the cars off the showroom. A great marketing strategy now is turnover but if the company is low on turnover it won’t be competitive either with tokunbo brands or with any other

          • Funny enough I can’t post images here I would proved a point even the second hand Toyota cars used abroad before coming down here still last better than the brand New Innoson cars you bought expensively here Innoson cars are not even well designed like the lexus and Benz and Toyota imagine car like hyundai with very mad curves with fine interiors now competiting massively in the automobile world pls Innoson upgrade abeg and reduce there price

        • Bro go buy second cars the one white people drive 10yrs and 12yrs they are importing to Nigeria. Thats the type car u can aford to buy. So stop commenting shit. Or u should go and open manufacturing car company and produce very chip ones for us.

        • Many Nigerians prefer purchasing used cars as brand new forgetting that it’s used and has no warranty not even a day…
          The cars are not to expensive if you compare it to other brands or the dollar rate.
          Innoson vehicles are made for the African terrain and I can testify that they’re the perfect fit considering road conditions in Africa…
          Next time try to appreciate things it speaks so much about you..

        • How do you mean by a Nigerian made company? Is anything wrong with Nigerian made products? Have you considered the fact that the company provides their own electricity and that they source some of their parts with foreign exchange.
          Please, be fair and realistic with your judgment.

          • Japanese brands and American brands ran away from India because Indian brands are affordable and easy to maintain for the Indian people… So I think innoson should do an indept study of how they were able to get it right.. I Know the Naija govt. have bad policies that don’t favor businesses here but I think innoson can do better,,, we love their concepts and we hope so they can be African car giants

          • I believe it is a start, even if they are assembling the part to make the car, jeeps and buses. I am sure there will be some value added in terms of pricing been lower for a NEW car (not used which is what we are talking about here). It is however important, that those aspect that of material sourced from abroad should be worked on, if they can also (with time) be produced here. I suspect the main part may be the engine part and the sooner those parts can be made or sourced locally the more profitable and cost effective/efficient it will be.
            Furthermore, I hope with the cars been made or assembled here (as the case may be), the cost of custom clearance will be saved because I don’t hear anyone talking about that. You know in some cases you could be paying 25% or more on custom clearance for used or new cars bought oversea.
            Economically I think it is good for the country as it creates jobs and saves forex. Just my thought.

        • Hear funny talk. You think he buys his materials in naira?
          How much is cost of production?
          Where in the would can the equivalent of 2M Naira buy a new car?
          Be reasonable na.

          • What’s your definition of cheap cars? The least car u get brand new is from 25k dollars and that’s 12.5m, so compare with the one u get from IVM, it’s way to cheap.
            Next time, talk to your Govt, most companies have left Nigeria just because of power alone.

        • The problem still remain with our government.

          They are not supporting them, instead, they want to kill them with task.

          The problem still remain with our government, they intentionally want to frustrated the local business so that they can continue to enjoy from the expense of foreign importation

        • Even in the USA,most Americans cannot afford to buy brand new cars with their own money.They either take loans or buy used cars.
          Innosun is a Nigerian company and they cannot give up their quality so as to make cars cheap for Nigerians. If anyone cannot afford brand new Innosun vehicles,let them get used Innosun vehicles or get bicycles.
          The price range quoted for Innosun cars are not costly.
          I want you to find out how much a brand new 2021 Chevrolet sedan car costs in the US and let me know how many of their citizens can afford to pay cash for it

          • Those of saying he’s car is expensive…funny
            Go to Lagos or nebouring country for Brand New cars and SUVs then come back to compare price…u will confess he’s on a good price just that every Nigeria like Second cars and SUVs even those are still expensive innoson motor vehicle company is the Gaint

          • They will never appreciate the quality and standards without a competitive counter part innoson should focus more on its marketing trategy provide access to used ivm motors and mini cars for for medium class and low class I understand the pledge for the standard and not bridging the tokunbo line but in business we use the inferior product to portrait a standard a product to make sure a taste is a taste

        • It’s unfair that you people reason upside how much does it cost to manufacture a car,you don’t considered the expenditure as well as desel you want something cheap but you can spend millions of naira to purchase tokunbo cars which most of them are accidents car .why can’t you complain to Toyota and other company to reduce prices of cars appreciate the ivm company effort. It take you 18million or more to get new Subaru forest and you will still have to pay custom duty and shipping now think of it

        • You guys are really trying for your products but the price is on high side just try and cut it down a bit. Nigerian company with a very good innovation. I love you guys and I love your company. But please reduce the price of your products. God bless your company and God everyone of your workers

        • Go and price a brand new Toyota Yaris…. You think ivm will sell brand new car at price of a used accidental shipped from abroad…if you are educated and exposed, you will know that these cars are cheap compared to other new car brand… how can you price a brand new car for 2m????

        • The problem is not Innoson it is the Government that us our problem. The cost of importing the engines and other things are not cheap for him as well electricity supply is a big problem… If government can come in to subsidies things we will be able to get cheap cars

        • How is a 7m brand new car expensive, what of the materials used in the production, are they not imported, can you see any Kia or Toyota products this cheap as brand new.

        • This vehicles may not be affordable but they are not expensive considering the exchange rate and price of imported ones. The only advice I can give is that they should look for ways to brake up payments per time after down payment.

      • I think it was a suggestion and the company may plan towards it, it may not be immediately but towards the future. Most times economic analysis limit want may happen actually happen in life but I believe it’s not impossible. We shall get there if we mean to do it and it will start somewhere, there should be no discouragement.

      • Lowest price is 7 665 000 Naira
        (R306 000)
        Consider utilty vehicles that will be affordable to agreater populace (of Africa) and once economies of scale come into play, the org will make the money.

      • I know very well that the cost of production for every single unit of commodity now is high not to talk of manufacturing brand new cars when raw materials are imported,one should think of this well.we are the ones to what we have before people from the outside world will value it and also let’s encourage our innoson to do more amazing cars that will suit our lifestyle,and stop making undue noise.we never believe for one that such a company will ever exist in Nigeria but today we are proud of innoson,so,let us patronize made in Nigeria cars.

    • These are new cars and not used cars (tokunbo). How much do you think it costs to buy new cars of international brands like Toyota, Honda etc? In my opinion the prices are not out of place for a new vehicle. The hope is that as the nation’s economy gets better as well as Innoson’s manufacturing conditions, the price will be more affordable.

      • And what jobs have you made available for Nigerians to enable them buy new cars? The last new cars we ever heard of our parents driving were “Peugeot” Yes it was mad expensive, but compare the economy (dollar rate) then and now. Also keep in mind that when we buy new cars here, nobody pays cash. We have banks finance our cars till we pay it off.
        I love innoson, I love his ideas, I love his innovations etc. At the end of the day, his pricing are for upper class Nigerians, and not lower class. Cos believe it or not, we do not have middle class earning citizens. I came here truly to buy a car cos I was considering shipping a car from here. I have the money but I cannot afford this truthfully speaking. His cars are priced are politicians rate, not for struggling stuents like me who is building up from the scratch. I know it is not Innoson’s fault because of the cost of goods he is using, and energy supply which I know my country Naija is not helping him out in that area. Please do not reply me and abuse me. I am only giving you a scholar advise which is my opinion anyways. Great business is all about high turnovers. Lower income earners in Nigeria should be your target.

      • The Nigerian budding industries need investors to invest in her ideas. How can one invest in this company and is t lists on the stock exchange?

      • When those car companies started, they produced cars that were affordable to their people first of all and then foreign markets. Chinese still do that today and that is why all over the world, Chinese goods are considered affordable. Why can’t innoson encourage local production of components and forget about assembling which adds no value but cost to goods. I will support government should stop innoson. If they cannot produce components like wipers or plugs let them close down

        • I think you’re missing the point. Innoson vehicle Mfg. cannot manufacture vehicles and at the same time produce all the vehicles components. All the foreign vehicle manufacturers source their standard components from other manufacturers.
          Nigerian businessmen should invest in this sector and govt. should encourage them by reducing the present excise tax, give tax holidays and reduce/remove several other levies imposed on such businesses.

          • Bro, why are you a fool?
            have you gone to the factory before saying that they can’t manufacture vehicles?
            Go there and you will see that more than 70% of the parts are manufactured there.
            Or, Have someone paid you to tarnish they reputation?

            You’re comparing the price of a brand new vehicle to tokumbos.
            where is your sense?

      • How do you mean?

        In his comment, he said “AS THE nations ECONOMY GETS BETTER, and Innoson’s manufacturing conditions…”

        That is the hope and progressive economic improvement he’s talking about there as a patriotic, broad-minded and positive thinking Nigerian.

        It shall be well with Nigeria, and she shall be great again.

      • Dollars exchange rate should be a stimuli for local production. American dollars is higher than Chinese currency and yet the Chinese will prefer to devalue their currency to make their products cheap for the world but here you are complaining of exchange rates. Innoson should leave assembling and go into real production like manufacturing car battery for export instead. If they cannot, let them fold up

    • Brand new car for 2m? You don’t even get foreign used of that price. Compare innoson price to foreign brand new cars a d see the difference.

    • Akagbusi Stanley.

      Please make affordable cars that we can buy at least for 3million naira. We will also love to drive a car made by our brother.

      • You are sarcastic. Then if we must go to china to buy Mr annoymouse, let innoson close down. We don’t need assembling plants, we need production plants.

        • Is the company stopping you from going to China to buy new cars?..
          Poverty stinging minds.. most of you are bitterly complaining simply because you can’t afford it. People who purchase this cars no complain as u wan kill ur self.
          U problem na money. Expensive things are not for poor people.. go buy turkun bu & leave innonson alone.

    • My dear, as a mother of two and struggling to get my business moving,I am in dying need of a car. My humble request to Innoson is : please they should make their cars affordable for us the average Nigerian and also give us payment plans that can help one pay installments. Waiting for the Nigerian govt to do anything is a waste of time but the company and masses can beat the govt and make this work.

      • Credit/instalment don’t work in innonson company, come tomorrow.

        So that people will carry car & money and run away. Una no get conscience at all..
        My sister fine way go buy turkun bu.. simple.

    • How much is 1.5 million naira in dollars please I need that thing you are smoking there’s no way you can get a brand new car in USA for 5k dollars and you want to buy brand new car for 3k dollars in Nigeria you must be mad ni

      • God bless the womb that gave birth to you! And bless the sperm that fertilizes the ovaries..

        God will give u money to buy innonson cars… Amen!!

    • I watched a documentary that say 75 percent of materials used in the manufacturing of IWM are locally sorted ,if that is true why the price hike.
      But we shouldn’t compare IVM prices with Americans used cars ,brown new cars manufactured in Europe or America are more expensive than IVM.
      I think innocent motors should work out how to sell this cars to Nigerians . A payment plan can help.

    • It shouldn’t matter where it’s assembled just make it cheaper, if I can afford nice BMW for #3m why should I seek innoson of #8m that’s not trending

    • Sorry bro, if you are ready to ride a car, you should be ready to pay for it. A good and cheap car should cost more than N6m. A N2m brand new is not foreseeable in the nearest future

    • I’m in support. For the upcoming Young ones. Abi we no go drive Nigeria made cars if we are not in billions. Me I’ve promised myself my first ride is going to be a Nigerian made vehicle(INNOSONL But these prices we can really afford. Not right now. please consider us and make it affordable for us.??

    • I am most eager to patronize innoson motors but the cost of the vehicles are on a ver high side for me ? . God make me rich. God bless Innoson. God bless our nation

    • The Fed Govt have long given their support and been patronising Innoson motors.
      What is expected is that, all the State Govts to also show patriotism, not a pocket of them doing so.

  1. In as much as being an advocate of patronizing Nigerian good,it is safe to say these auto ain’t for an average Nigerian as the prices are way beyong board,perhaps Innoson can partner with local and foreign investors alike alongside government support and patronage in order to crash the high price of the vehicles especially the salon models.

  2. Innoson is obviously not building cars for Nigerians. His brand with all due respect can not compete with other global brands. His only advantage would have been affordability which sadly isn’t the case

  3. With N7m, I would rather buy a used 2013 Mercedes Benz e350 than going for the Innosson Fox. They are not comparable !
    Besides, until the official government brand is Innoson, this project will be retarded.

  4. Well I only positive words for Innoson. Keep up the good work. Your idea is catchy & the vehicles are cool. We are proud of your work & pray that the project/biz experience a breakthrough.

    How do ppl comment about the performance of a vehicle they’ve not used. If you have, Give us an objective feedback with concrete variables.

  5. If you divide that price 7.8m by the current exchange rate of 360 you get $21,000. And if you multiply that by the old exchange rate of 160 you get about N3.3m which would have made these cars affordable to an average Nigerian. Now you see where these govt have taken us to.

  6. Is it not possible to make smaller cars for as low as two million naira. If the mini bus which is a 7-seaterbus can go for less than two million naira,you should be able to produce a 5-seater car for less than two million even if means cutting down on high tech and luxury. Such a car would be affordable to the average Nigerian worker and save us the pain of tokunbo cars that are cars that Americans and Europeans have thrown away because using them is no longer cost effective

  7. Honestly, am astonished at the level in which the INNOSON motors had attained within a few couple of years. They are really doing a great work . And I believe many Nigerians who stand to criticize him base on his product price rate should by 2040 appreciate him greatly. Out of many here in Africa he stood to cut down Monopoly of “foreign based vehicle and spare parts’ in Africa. I love IVM. Big shout out to IVM

  8. The brand is really doing great work there. But despite the economic setbacks, I feel he should make affordable cars for the common Nigerian man, something around N2-3M. You know, I bet you, many people will adopt to the innoson motors instead of all these tokumbo cars from outside the country. We know you don’t owe Nigerians any favors but you can encourage us with such prices. Thank you.

    • All you people talking about making a brand new car for 2-3 million naira, please be realistic, price is largely dictated by production cost. Giving the current production cost situation, it is impossible for him to produce a vehicle for that price, Some people are quick to talk about Tokunbo cars, they are called Tokunbo because they are used, not brand new. Besides how many ” good used Tokunbo cars have you been able to purchase for 2-3 million naira, and they lasted you for a year, not to talk of repair cost. Be realistic, and give support, if not by purchase , then by word of mouth encouragement. Eventually mass production as planned by IVM will eventually bring down sales price even if it is by a notch.

  9. Nice cars nice body work
    But I don’t think the average Nigerian can partake in this blessing …
    I would suggest the company makes a collaboration with banks ,government..so that the cars can be bought on loan
    Like for government workers ..it will be deducted from their salaries..in that way more cars will be sold Nd everybody can enjoy the cars
    Please no offense

  10. the products are nice really but I thought as made in Africa by the African and for the African the price is not going to be as much as expensive as it is…!

  11. Innoson manufacturing should please produce the affordable car that the strongly people or the local Nigerians can buy and use for business or TAXI like #1m to #2m.
    God bless Nigeria God bless innoson company.

  12. Most of you looking for cheap price are indirectly looking for poor quality. When it doesn’t serve you right then you will be pissed. Do you know that ignorant you buy a new car atleast for a year you aren’t supposed to have an major mechanic’s appointment? Southern Nigeria residents love poor quality stuffs too much and it’s affecting us negatively as a country. It’s ok though, I really pray he can grow, God helping he will grow. The Igbo community should make it an achievement worth celebrating to buy an innoson vehicle. Then others will too it’s just a matter of time. Innoson is our brand. Let’s stop using scrap and enjoy good value. Thanks

  13. I still look forward to affordable made in Nigeria vehicles especially by Innoson. But the prices are really expensive. Wish there were Cars at the range from 1.5 to 3 million and lots of people could rush it.
    Secondly, govt has not made matters any better viz-via high production cost with multiple taxations.
    Alternatively, can Innoson lease cars to Nigerians with a down payment and spread over 5 to 7 years. And if there is need for an upgrade, the car will be reviewed and new price scheduled like it’s done in many parts of the world.
    This will drive down the prices and make these cars more affordable.
    Where will the average civil servant cough out 7 million for a new car?
    It’s really difficult.

  14. These vehicles are extremely expensive! I’m actually here to check for a saloon car of 3m but to my surprise, I found vehicles I can’t even afford in years to this time. this is totally uncalled for..
    Definitely you should not be in Nigeria cos majority of Nigerians can’t afford your vehicles.. I would rather go for tokunbo vehicle instead of spending such whooping amount on the so called Nigeria made vehicle.

    • I hear you, but that is not way to greatness and success, it would have been better to say, try to incorporate affordable cars, which is very difficult now because of cost of production. Why should we as a nation be satisfied with just being? why should we not want to produce vehicles that will eventually compete with the likes of Mercedes, Toyota etc, etc. Don’t forget these companies did not start being that great, they evolved over the years with improvements. IVM can do likewise. Keep it up IVM, don’t lose focus.

  15. I believe that’s a quality product, and I love it so much, I’m not borthered about the prize, once the product is okay, we have no issue, some of you talking about the prize have you prized Mercedes production before, you can’t compare Mercedes and Toyota product, I also see this our brother product as Mercedes product, let join hand and do whatever we can do to make sure his car is all over Nigeria, and many other countries.

  16. Bottom line… Average Nigerian can mostly only afford used cars between the range of 1m and 3m. So as long as nothing changes, Nigeria will remain a minor market for innoson brand.

  17. Innosun should lobby for the Onitsha River Port to functional. Once this port is functional, it will make it easy for Innosun to ship his imported materials direct to Onitsha. This will reduce the company’s shipping cost.
    Innosun should consider going public. This means you and I can buy shares in the company thereby making money available to Innosun. Once Innosun has money available, it can absolve some cost and pass the savings to the public. Innosun should have a strong lobbyist with Buhari administration to help Innosun drum up business from the federal Govt. All these will help Innosun become profitable. Once Innosun is profitable, the rest is history. The public will benefit from its profitability. Good Luck, my country man for your ingenuity and for for being a pathfinder.

  18. If the company should produce 2 to 3mil brand new cars, my dear I bet you, you can only enjoy it for two years and you will regret buying a new car of that price. The problem is all about our economy. But the company should please kindly help his people.

  19. If the company should produce 2 to 3mil brand new cars, my dear I bet you, you can only enjoy it for two years and you will regret buying a new car of that price. The problem is all about our economy. But the company should please kindly help his people by reducing the price a bit. Thanks all. May God bless us in Jesus Christ Amen ooo.

  20. Considering the myriad of political, economic and social challenges in Nigeria, I quite agree with what INNOSON is presenting. Because education is expensive, we can’t afford ignorance. Likewise, because the economy is unfriendly is no reason not to forge on. We cannot afford to back out. I’m Proud of you.

  21. Is quite unfortunate that most of the citizen can’t afford this car, yeah I know is due to the cost of materials and other things involved, but I due suggest to also look into sedan sporty cars and also super cars, I’m a Nigerian car designer based in Asia, yes I can offer you a nice project if you’re interested and also you hafta know if you keep producing cars which our citizen can’t afford is total bad, we don’t blame anyone but the bad leaders but reduce your car price so that you can make more sales from your fellow citizens

  22. Good day, my company (OCODA Transport company ltd) , a local transport comany based in Omoku, Rivers State, recently wrote a letter to your company in request of audience to discuss issues on how we can partner with your company on vehicle supply.

    The said letter is yet to be acknowledged by your company. Pls kindly let us know the though position of our letter. Thanks.

  23. I commend the good job Innoson Vehicles is doing. Government’s policies not making things easy. If we have good biometric data as is applicable in many advanced countries, it will be easier to get these vehicles with good and affordable payment plans

  24. Say all the negatives you wish. I am buying my own IVM car this December and it will be delivered to me at Ibadan. Nigerians have their own destiny in their own hands. We must begin the charity at home. Well done, Innoson!

  25. Les voiture sont effectivement couteuses. Je ne m’attendais pas à une telle hausse de prix quand j’ai eu les publicités. Si tout va bien, je me prendrai MON IVM

    Vivement, qu’une formule soit trouvée pour revoir les prix. Par ailleurs, JE SUIS TRES CONTENT DE IVM. J’AI COURU POUR VOIR LES PRODUITS QUAND J’AI APPRIS QUE C’ETAIT MADE IN NIGERIA

  26. The cars are too expensive. He needs to put the price lower so the local and regional consumers will be able to buy. How a car bought from France or UK + TRANSERT PRICE could be cheaper than a car bought in Nigeri?


    OLADEJI -09015215739 OR VIA EMAIL AT [email protected]


  28. The key factor behind all these complaints is govt policy, in form of improper taxation and other unfavourable condition imposed on him and on other indegineous companies simply because of the part of the country they came from. Nigerian policy dont create enabling ground for ideas to thread except if you have a die-hard zeal and a master planner. For criticism 09036039818 whatsapp only

    • This is very sad. However, The company must not think they must manufacture only in Nigeria where the enabling environment is not present. Move it to Ghana or to Rwanda but not to Cameroon because it will be worse ….. It is really painful that the Nigerian government is setting up boobie traps on the way instead of supporting it. Oh boy, the curse of the African is I come from such and such a place instead of simply being African together.

  29. The key factor behind all these complaints is govt policy, in form of improper taxation and other unfavourable condition imposed on him and on other indegineous companies simply because of the part of the country they came from. Nigerian policy dont create enabling ground for ideas to thread except if you have a die-hard zeal and a master planner. For criticism 09036039818 whatsapp only

  30. Pett Onazi

    I am very proud of the great move that Innoson has made to start car manufacturing industry in nigeria and africa. I believe that with time as soon as he is able to arrange for a mass production plant, that would play a role in price reduction.
    It is of great relevance for all of us nigerians ,africans, including every sector of the governments in both nigeria and the entire african countries to patronise him. Our businesses and organisations should not be left behind in the patronage strategie as this will also play a massiv role in adding strength to our currency and pride ( lesser import will strenghten our currency). We should work harder for more car manufacturing companies to spring up in our beloved country and continent, as more competition within our beloved country and continent will also affect price positivly and enhance our reputation as africans before our european, asian, australian and american counterparts.
    One important factor that we all seem to have neglected is the fact that our government should spring up enginners that will control quality; as this will enhance our export and safty of use.
    Our banks have a huge role to play and our government should reduce tribalism, stealing and unite our religious difference.
    Innoson, God bless you and give you more wisdom as we all await more of your kind in nigeria and africa. Amen.

  31. I am scratching my head whether there exists a comprehensive plan to source materials locally. It depends on three main points and they are capital, planing and processing technology. The technical know how in processing is available so is the planning ability. Innoson could raise capital through crowd funding after having planned. Remaining a one man show in such a sector is a no starter. I would not hesitate for even one second to pay in my shares from Cameroon to a Nigerian company. I have been checking Innoson motors’ website for many years now salivating at the thought of driving a car made in Nigeria. Unfortunately I have to work harder to be able to buy one some day. Hope the idea of crowd funding could be considered and structured in a way that it is transparent. This is what car company startups around the world are doing! We can do it even better given we already have many social aspects that favour this atitude towards putting money together as a group for a purpose.

    • My friend from Cameroon, you are absolutely right in your assertion. It makes more sense to do it that way, and with government support, and the Africa Free Trade Zone in effect, mostly everyone should be a winner in such a venture.

  32. It is a shame that people knocking the efforts of Innoson are mostly Nigerian, when are you people going to wake up and understand the essence of what the man is trying to do for the country at large. True profit is part of the motivation, but the end goal is more than individual profit, it is more geared towards national pride. For people who are knocking this gentleman for his efforts. If you can read and can understand what you read, please go and on Tata…. India made brand of vehicles, read from their inception to where they are today. One unfortunate thing with I must say is Innoson is not getting the kind of support he needs from the government to get to the point where his vehicles are more affordable. Our senators and house of rep members should learn from Indian government, how they propelled Tata to where they are today, in terms of support, and patronage, right from their president downwards. Let them buy Innoson vehicles for government parastatals, and official car pool. then IVM will get to the point where they may even establish their Steel plant for raw materials, thereby providing more employment, and aim towards making their vehicles more affordable.

  33. Before anyone of you go off on me, I tried to go back and edit some of the errors in my post but unfortunately I couldn’t. I should have proof-read first before posting. My apologies.

  34. Just imagine, I want to buy a car now, and I felt let me patronise made in Nigeria cars, see all these outrageous prices, even those of foreign countries are not this expensive, and you want us to patronize you. You people are not serious at all


  36. The IVM are really trying; but there are factors they should analyse in order to increase home patronage. “the best way to grow is to watch what others do” IVM should analyse the way of other multinational car manufacturing company do their things; and also make spare parts much available.
    Create purposive socialization thereby creating more awareness of their product quality. Many people haven’t heard of IVM. And also growing their showroom to be in major centers of attraction…. Owe much words
    we have talented nigerian students, IVM should conduct stuffs like talent hub and emplore the creative students knowledge…
    I wish i would meet with sir innoson

  37. a lot of you may already know this but these are chinese designs rebranded as innocen… you can buy the original chinese version for a fraction of the price listed here. for example, the Innoson G80 is actually a rebranded Beijing Auto bj40 which retails for 129,800 to 179,800 yuan.

  38. Reading the comments, I think most of the people here need help, because instead of we being happy and supporting this man you are here talking about price, If you can not buy go and buy what you can buy and stop talking too much. I’m from Ghana, and I wish to meet Dr Innoson to praise him for all his work for Africa.

    • Reading the comments, I feel like crying, most of the comments are so unreasonable. you buy foreign used cars for same prices and even more and you’re proud of it.
      This man offers brand new cars for such prices and you still have the mouth to say it’s expensive amidst all frustrating policies, and the ever rising foreign exchange rate.
      In fact, I’ll love to have a fleet of IVM cars, parading every new brand they produce.
      God bless IVM and it’s management.

      • Innoson shouldn’t listen to those who are saying that his car is expensive.

        These kind of people are always make the importers and manufacturers to do inferior quality in under to meet up with their cheap menterity.

        They prefer cheap things to quality things.

        These kind of people are not helping this country called Nigeria rather they are killing the standard quality of this nation and pushing people to sell fake things to satisfy their cheap menterity.

        Innoson maintain your quality, anyone that wants to buy should buy, anyone who doesn’t want buy should leave it and find his/her way simple.

  39. I don’t understand we Nigeria people, we don’t appreciate our own good work, my brother pls carry go. You all can say the negatives you wish. I am buying my own IVM car this YEAR and it will be delivered to me.

    We must begin the charity at home. Well done, Innoson!


  40. Hod bless you Innoson. For those complaining of the price, go and get a brand new car for such hilarious price you’re suggesting. Someone is presenting brand new cars to you at affordable prices and you’re comparing it with your fairly used car price, it’s a pity. Keep up the good work Innoson.

  41. I am sorry for some of the word’s my people are saying here we always have that Nigeria mentality we don’t appreciate what we have we always take made in Nigeria products as a ship material please my brother and sister honor my brother innocent his a great man is not easy even if the cars are hi be percent they are just starting in the future they will fixed the problem please Nigeria appreciate what you have when you called it the best I are sure you is gona be the best

  42. I am Isidore Onyeako, a systems engineer (Igbo Canadian). I made a video explaining to people the situation with Innoson and what Innoson should do to make truly Nigerian cars and how those cars will definitely be cheaper than they are today. Most markups buyers pay for products go to branding. It is this branding that cover for R&D. This means that if you do your own R&D, you control prices. The issue here is not about Innoson being able to make a car. The issue is about the cars being truly unique to Innoson.

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Model Vs Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

    In OEM, you own the core technology. Your technology can be used in other products. Takada makes airbags for various auto companies globally. These companies use airbags and other OEM products inside their cars. That way they leverage quality components and parts from vendors, while focusing on what they are good at-making cars. This is also applicable to Michelin and Goodyear who make tires.

    In ODM, you can ask a product manufacturer to put your brand on the product or make minor design changes but using a full core technology as a base product. Here the level of integration is not deep. Generally, we are at the stage of ODM in Nigeria because we just don’t have the resources or infrastructure to support OEM model effectively.

    Innoson is not making a lot of profit because most of the parts are already made abroad before being shipped to Nigeria. When this is the case, Innoson is only left with a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) packages of cars. The assembly processes also adds value but it is not significant enough.

    How would Innoson now make cheaper cars?

    Original Design: Innoson needs to bear the burden of coming up with his own design. This transcends beyond logos. Innoson cars should not be looking like the ones from BAIC Motors China, but with Innoson Logo. This is the toughest path with no guarantees. However, there are a lot of Nigeria graduates from design schools, and even abroad, who can help Innoson design a truly Nigerian car.
    Frame Manufacturing: Innoson should setup a factory that will make the frame in Nigeria. This will require power (electricity). He should install modular power plant for his plant. This power will allow him bring in the machines and molds that will fabricate these frames. There has to be a visible part of the car that is unique to Innoson brand. He can aso have these parts made abroad but they should be for his design
    Engine, interior and other parts can be imported: The entire assembly of Lamborghini is done manually. Nigeria will provide labor for Innoson cars to even do manual assembly.

    The objective of this method is for Innoson to control costs by owning significant IP (Intellectual Property) beyond brand name change. Now, if Innoson tows this path and the vehicles don’t perform well, he will fail. Then again, these days it is not about being a business man. You should also know a lot about the engineering of your products. I am making this proposal because I would rather buy a car from an engineer that knows physics and mechanics than a trader that is just reselling other people’s products with no idea of the technical performance and characteristics of the product.

    If the brand succeeds, Innoson can then raise the prices as he wants because he has achieved brand equity.

    I was explaining the angles above to a few engineers. Then I told them that whenever something is original, the maker has flexibility. Therefore, I was not surprised to learn that the govt is pacing large orders for the various police and armed forces vehicles Innoson’s team actually designed. Making these vehicles are not as difficult as the buses and salon cars. However, one can see how it was easy for people to love Innoson products just because of the niche nature of these police and army vehicles. Whenever something is original and works, the market rewards it. it does not have to be high grade. It should just work.

    I am the CEO of a startup that is providing self-service innovations at retail fueling stations in Nigeria and Africa. We have received over $1m in funding and we are wrapping up field validations and will be launching as we speak. I used the OEM model for my product. I designed the products with a team of engineers (First Class Graduates from FUTO, who also studied with me in Canada). We will leave the rest of this story for when we succeed in the market. I found out that those who tried to copy our equipment and make it in China, could not succeed because we designed from first principles and wrote all our software in-house. In effect, this particular system can only be gotten from us. Hence, we can give it out at any price and with any business model we choose (subscription or outright purchase).

  43. i have a suggestion…if i may go ahead,why can’t innoson give bolt or uber drivers cars for installmental payment so your cars will be winning nigerian’s hearts when it’s everywhere,it will be pushing foreign cars away….plz think about it.

  44. I still respect him nevermind some of his car parts are imported. I think that is why it is very expensive because I have been checking the prices whether i can buy from him insteady of buying a tokubo from here (Berlin). But still there is no new cars you can get cheaper than his.

    • I am not sure there’s a locally manufacutured good that is cheaper than it’s China counterpart in Nigeria. IVM is way too cheap.

      Cost of production in Nigeria is not a child’s play and one of the major challenges faced by local manufacturers is IMPORTATION because the landing cost is usually lower than the cost price of those products in the hands of the manufacturer.

      For heaven’s sake, this is a new brand new Car not Toks and should sell for less. How much is engine in the market

  45. Why can’t we just use our heads for once, the same policies imposed on dangote groups and other manufacturing companies by Nigerian government is the cause of high cost of price in Nigeria. Have u ever asked ur self why dangote cement are being sold on a cheaper rate in other west African countries because their revenue and taxes are moderate to their investors, u have to blame the bad government and governance we have in Nigeria for me innoson vehicle’s are cheap and moderate to compare other brands in other parts of the world. Innoson manufacturing company have made the igbos proud and Nigerians at large what we have to do is to patronize him and pray for a good government that will make the economy to be better to enable both local and foreign investors manufacturers to invest manufacture and sell on a cheaper and affordable rate.

  46. We need more entrepreneurs to parley with the government in making economic policies that would drive the country forward.

    Current policies are not too favorable to MSMEs, if we get our policy right and create that environment we would compete with international businesses

  47. Dear sir or madam, please my company want to buy your company truck of10tyres from 12pices up, please use my company Gmail, lets talk over it. Thanks

    TRUCK LOAD 600 OR 900 BAGS

  49. Since the cars are so costly, Innoson should device a way of hire purchase, say 5-10 years payment plan for Nigerians and factoring interest for the duration of the hire purchase scheme.

  50. Please, I beg the innoson team , I need Gasket and radiator for my innoson car. Kindly help share a store that I can get it . This is two months I have been searching . I resides in Lagos and the car broke down at Benin .


  52. To be honest I love these cars by Innoson and I’d be ready to buy one at anytime and not a foreign car.. But for the cost of these cars, it isn’t a great way to start with competitors in the market…
    Literally, as much as every Nigerian is ready to buy a car made by our own, not all will be ready to lose a lot of money for a product that just started. I won’t be ready to spend a lot on these cars, if I could just spend a little to get a Toyota or others already known, being an average Nigerian.
    So it would be best if IVM restrategieses on how to make these Vehicles affordable to the average Nigerians.

  53. We are not yet strong to stand alone what are we manufacturing with high price producing what your people can’t afford I thing there should be a shut down for now and start a new plan
    Whats important in this product that make the cost this high don’t even start what you can’t control nobody will get this wit that price an is not helping you when your people don’t use it others can only used it when your people start using it


  55. Nigerians will always talk down on there own, no matter how good, other countries will gladly showcase there own but Nig will discourage there own. We indeed have a long way to go. I think we confuse ourselves, this cars are brand new why compare it to tokumbo.
    Try finding out the price of brand new of those products abroad before nailing, Nigerian company.
    God bless me I sure will patronize innoson cars. If not for anything, when there is fault I can easily take it to them for repair, than shipping it back.
    We gain more and grow much better, if we believe in ourselves.

  56. Indeed Nigerians are good in condemning what they have,, you complain on the high price without considering our poor economy and the cost of materials, high taxes they pay to the government, and expenditure in generating electricity for production. All this put together you will see that the price for innoson brand new cars are affordable if not for our bad economy. Innoson vehicles mate international standard, so they are of same quality with those well known Toyota and other brands. Notting those cars did that innoson cars can’t do. you can’t compare innoson vehicles with tocumbo ones no matter how neat they look, they’re used cars. if you think you don’t have money for brand new car, you can go for used cars. So don’t speak wrong of our own product, it’s true they said that a prophet are not known in his community. petronize innoson ccompany, they are the ultimate. thanks

  57. My humble suggestion and request
    Why not partner with a state government like Lagos State to sell your cars to staffs based on the partnership with access bank.
    A little breakdown for the marketing department:
    If a car for instance, Caris (goes for like 5million)
    5,000,000 ÷ 36 = N138,000 monthly

    A director or assistant director cadre can easily opt in for this kind of package

    If Innoson can produce a mass car (probably Mini eg like Volkswagen golf or Corolla) for a price of 3/4 million
    A middle class officer can afford that
    For instance, 4,000,000 ÷ 36 = N112,000 monthly
    3,000,000 ÷ 36 = N85,000 to N90,000 monthly

    Implications: it will go a long way in advertising the brand and more govt workers can be a reliable testimony for Innoson as a whole

    I’m sure 2 years after this, Innoson will be a must have for all Nigerians

    Best regards

  58. Please does IVM have a mortgage or gradual payment plan. If not, i feel it should be implemented to allow patronage from Nigerians. At the present price of their vehicles, it will be difficult for an average Nigerians paying those amount cash at onces. My thought dou.

  59. Innoson cars are fantastically made, beautifully crafted and relatively cheap, compared to similar ones from Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. For you to appreciate Innoson prices, kindly google the prices of similar cars online. Do not compare innoson vehicles with those “tokunbo”, second hand, or heavily fairly used vehicles that are smuggled into the country from neighbouring countries. By the grace of God, I am praying to own an Innoson vehicle. I love them.

  60. We are always our worst enemy! All Africans, especially, Nigerians should only buy innoson cars and help build our economy. I salute my brother Innocent for his ingenuity and brilliance. Thank you for putting Nigeria on the map as a country with a car builder.
    Haundai was good for nothing but we bought them. Now it is improving, why can’t we support our brother, Innoson? He is creating jobs and making Nigerians proud. God bless you sir.

  61. Thank you for the good work may you continue to grow for more.
    I want to ask,how many years of manufacture warranty does your car come with?and can you have the car delivered to Ibadan oyo state.Lastly how can I have the car fixed if the car is break down while still on manufacture warranty ?

    Thank you sir

  62. We have to support our own Innoson, which has started something great, with time other manufacturers will be encouraged to start producing parts of vehicles that are being manufactured. Instead of complaining, team up with your group of friends and pick a product to manufacture that will be a great impact on the Nigerian economy.

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