Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

Here are major brands and 2019 prices of Innoson vehicles. The company contacts are also provided below. For non-Nigerians, N360 = $1 in black market; N308 = $1 at central bank official rate.

1. Innoson FOX: N7,665,000

2.  Innoson UMU: N8,000,000

3.  Innoson G5: N12,390,000

4.  Innoson G6: N12,915,000

5.  Innoson G80: N27,825,000

6.  Innoson G40: NN17,325,000

7.  Innoson Carrier 4×4: N13,860,000

8.  Innoson Carrier 4×2: N9,400,000

9.  Innoson 5000: N9,400,000

10.  Innoson 6601: N22,995,000

11. Innoson 6857: N27,700,00

12. Innoson 6800: N34,650,000


 Innoson Motor Price List 2019
 Model   Price in Nigerian Naira
 Innoson FOX  N7,665,000
 Innoson UMU  N8,000,000
 Innoson G5  N12,390,000
 Innoson G6  N12,915,000
 Innoson IVM G80  N27,825,000
 Innoson G40  NN17,325,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×4  N13,860,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×2  N9,400,000
 Innoson 5000  N9,400,000
 Innoson 6601  N22,995,000
 Innoson 6857  N27,700,00
 Innoson 6800  N34,650,000


Headquarters Office Address: No.2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwu-Uru -Uru, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Phone(s):+234 (0) 8105472222, (0)7089440040,(0)7033326171

Abuja+234 (0)8166126255

Lagos+234 (0)8035740097

email: [email protected][email protected]


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17 thoughts on “Innoson Vehicle Motors – Brand Photos with Prices

    1. Those cars are not profitable anywhere. With this not being a charity, I am not sure you are helping the mission with the suggestion. It is better he focuses on where he thinks he has a chance instead of trying to serve all and he loses all.

    2. These are new cars and not used cars (tokunbo). How much do you think it costs to buy new cars of international brands like Toyota, Honda etc? In my opinion the prices are not out of place for a new vehicle. The hope is that as the nation’s economy gets better as well as Innoson’s manufacturing conditions, the price will be more affordable.

      1. How do you mean?

        In his comment, he said “AS THE nations ECONOMY GETS BETTER, and Innoson’s manufacturing conditions…”

        That is the hope and progressive economic improvement he’s talking about there as a patriotic, broad-minded and positive thinking Nigerian.

        It shall be well with Nigeria, and she shall be great again.

    3. Brand new car for 2m? You don’t even get foreign used of that price. Compare innoson price to foreign brand new cars a d see the difference.

    1. The Fed Govt have long given their support and been patronising Innoson motors.
      What is expected is that, all the State Govts to also show patriotism, not a pocket of them doing so.

  1. In as much as being an advocate of patronizing Nigerian good,it is safe to say these auto ain’t for an average Nigerian as the prices are way beyong board,perhaps Innoson can partner with local and foreign investors alike alongside government support and patronage in order to crash the high price of the vehicles especially the salon models.

  2. Innoson is obviously not building cars for Nigerians. His brand with all due respect can not compete with other global brands. His only advantage would have been affordability which sadly isn’t the case

  3. With N7m, I would rather buy a used 2013 Mercedes Benz e350 than going for the Innosson Fox. They are not comparable !
    Besides, until the official government brand is Innoson, this project will be retarded.

  4. Well I only positive words for Innoson. Keep up the good work. Your idea is catchy & the vehicles are cool. We are proud of your work & pray that the project/biz experience a breakthrough.

    How do ppl comment about the performance of a vehicle they’ve not used. If you have, Give us an objective feedback with concrete variables.

  5. If you divide that price 7.8m by the current exchange rate of 360 you get $21,000. And if you multiply that by the old exchange rate of 160 you get about N3.3m which would have made these cars affordable to an average Nigerian. Now you see where these govt have taken us to.

  6. Is it not possible to make smaller cars for as low as two million naira. If the mini bus which is a 7-seaterbus can go for less than two million naira,you should be able to produce a 5-seater car for less than two million even if means cutting down on high tech and luxury. Such a car would be affordable to the average Nigerian worker and save us the pain of tokunbo cars that are cars that Americans and Europeans have thrown away because using them is no longer cost effective


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