Inspiring Joy in Learning

Inspiring Joy in Learning

Learning is a continuous process, and pupils are not limited to asking questions in the classroom alone, in Africa, there is a saying that a Teacher can not steal because everywhere they go, there is a student who knows them.

Learning is continuous, there are scenarios where teachers had to stop in the marketplace, just to help out a pupil who had identified with him.

In this article, we shall identify the 8 ways to inspire joy in Learning.

  • Radiate in Happiness – Happiness is a prerequisite in learning. As a teacher, you should radiate happiness in all you do. Students have to be happy before they learn. Engage them, make them feel Loved. Ask questions like, How are you today? Are you happy? Why are you angry or who annoyed you. These questions go a long way to show the students that you care for them. In cases where the parents are the source of anger to the kids, do engage the parents in a civilized manner, make them understand the importance of the Child’s Emotional Wellbeing.
  • Make Learning Fun – The new way of learning is fun. Rigid classrooms do not encourage learning. Yes, there are lessons that turn out not to be all fun, but another approach can be used to make it fun. Imagine buying packs of sweets, and asking each student/pupil to take a few, while they eat some whenever a subtraction class is going on. This gets stuck in their subconscious, never to forget how subtractions are been made.
  • Mistakes are Steps to Learning – It’s okay for your students to make mistakes while learning. Do not sit and watch other students make jest of other students’ mistakes, tell them that it’s rude.
  • Love Hard – Everyone deserves to be loved, even the toughest kids. Do not discriminate.
  • Use Real Life Situations – While teaching, do make use of concrete examples, things they experience all their lives. It makes the learning process easy.
  • Give Second Chances – An education environment is a place for second chances. Teachers should be patient, give second chances, share a conviction that whatever challenge a student is going through, that it can be won.
  • Use Edtecth – Use EdTech where available. It makes the job easier.
  • Students Interest First – Keep up with the trends that interest your students, this is important as it makes the kids pay attention to your class. Imagine talking about Spiderman or Wakanda before the class begins, drawing up examples that are relevant to your teaching from it.


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