Intel Shows How To Fight Competitors with AMD Partnership: Do Not Have Pride

Intel Shows How To Fight Competitors with AMD Partnership: Do Not Have Pride

I like it when companies take away pride to make sure they do things that accelerate growth. That Intel could partner with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to fight a common enemy is not something you would expect in the highly competitive semiconductor industry. But anyone in the industry knows that Nvidia Corp is eating the cake, and if Intel and AMD hope to have a future in modern personal computing, they must deal with Nvidia.

Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc., archrivals for decades, are teaming up to thwart a common competitor, Nvidia Corp.

Intel planned to announce Monday a laptop-computer chip that combines an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit, according to a person familiar with the matter. The chip is intended for laptops that are thin and lightweight but powerful enough to run high-end videogames—attributes that lately have been driving sales in an otherwise waning market for personal computers.

AMD and Intel have been fighting for years. But in this business, Nvidia Corp is now the new target. Nvidia emerged as a parallel competitor when AMD and Intel were in the ring, destroying values with AMD getting the worst aspects of the combative onslaught.  Intel was barely wounded.

But recently, under a new leadership, AMD is emerging, introducing new microprocessors which are now better than Intel’s in some categories. The Ryzen series has been well received in the industry, and AMD is looking very great with Wall Street liking what the company is doing. Yet, despite that feat, Nvidia remains a big threat. Nvidia pioneered the GUI microprocessor business and remains the category-king. As computing moves into AI-anchored, Nvidia is well positioned.

There is a lesson here for African entrepreneurs and startups: if we deal with pride, we will find glory. For Intel or AMD to contact the other partner to work together is not something you will consider lightly. But it happened. Intel wanted to destroy AMD and for decades, AMD has been fighting to survive. But today, the fight has moved, and they are coming together to have a future. We need to learn to partner and work together in Africa. Doing so does not diminish your business.



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  1. Well said! Partnership with other growing companies can help spark innovation within the business, attract and convert new customers from a unique base of consumers.


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