Home Community Insights Monero and Aave price on the decline; is altseason over? Early Pomerdoge investors will get access to rare NFT collection

Monero and Aave price on the decline; is altseason over? Early Pomerdoge investors will get access to rare NFT collection

Monero and Aave price on the decline; is altseason over? Early Pomerdoge investors will get access to rare NFT collection

Monero (XMR) and Aave (AAVE), once prominent contenders in the market, are currently facing a downward trend. Investors wonder if the long-awaited alt season is over, leaving them seeking new opportunities. On the other hand, the emerging Pomerdoge (POMD) project has caught the attention of many. Notably, early investors in Pomerdoge will gain exclusive access to a rare NFT collection – causing interest in it to grow.

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Monero (XMR) Witnesses a Downturn

Monero (XMR), known for its privacy-focused features, has witnessed a decrease in its value recently. In the past month alone, the Monero price fell by 4.4%.

This bearish trend has continued as its cost fell to $161.50 with a market cap of $2.9B, down 0.45% overnight. Moreover, the moving averages for Monero show sell signals.

As one of the leading privacy-centric cryptocurrencies, Monero’s price movement draws attention from traders and enthusiasts alike. With no real development news for Monero, experts predict this bearish trend will continue soon.

Why Is Aave (AAVE) Going Down?

Aave (AAVE), a prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has been facing a downtrend in its price. In fact, the Aave crypto value decreased by 5.9% in the past 14 days. The recent decline in value has prompted speculation and concern among the cryptocurrency community.

On July 31, a reentrancy attack on Curve Finance caused Aave stablecoin GHO to depeg; it recovered within two hours. However, the Aave price has not. Currently, the token costs $70.90 with a market cap of $1B, falling 4.29% in the past 24 hours.

Furthermore, the Aave technical analysis shows bearish signs. All moving averages and technical indicators are showing sell signals. Therefore, many experts forecast that Aave could continue dropping.

Pomerdoge (POMD): The New Frontier of P2E Gaming

Amid the altcoin market turbulence, Pomerdoge has emerged as an intriguing new opportunity. The Pomerplace, a marketplace within the Pomerdoge ecosystem, allows players to buy, sell, and trade valuable in-game items. Additionally, the Pomergame will enable players to earn rewards while having a blast in an immersive gaming experience.

A Golden Opportunity: Exclusive NFT Collection

Pomerdoge has a unique offering for early investors that sets it apart from other projects. Those participating in the presale will be granted access to a limited collection of 7,777 NFTs. These NFTs represent one-of-a-kind digital assets, each with inherent value. As NFT benefits are kept secret until the launch, investors flock to secure their place in the Pomerdoge ecosystem.

Also, presale investors will receive a share of the game’s earnings equal to the tokens they possess. This innovative model aligns the interests of investors with the growth and prosperity of the Pomerdoge ecosystem.

In addition, SOLIDProof and Cyberscope have both audited this project. Also, the Pomerdoge team has announced they will lock liquidity forever while freezing team tokens for two years. Therefore, a completely safe and sound project that some experts even claim may outshine Pepe.

POMD – A Pomerdoge Necessity

While tokens like Monero and Aave experience ups and downs, Pomerdoge continues to build for the future. The P2E gaming concept, combined with the exclusive NFT collection, attracts gamers and investors seeking growth.

The only way to obtain the limited-edition NFTs is by holding the game’s native token, POMD. Currently, one POMD costs just $0.007. Thus, countless individuals are flooding the presale. With expected gains of 17x before its presale ends and weekly giveaways of $100,000, those who purchase it now will see tremendous growth. So, do not miss out – follow the links below.

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