iScribe Takes Content Creation to a Whole New Level – A Good App, “Made in Africa”

iScribe brings old school journaling to the new age of mobility and the internet. Making it simple to capture life’s moments in a fun way and on the move. You don’t have to wait to get back home to record the experience. You can capture it as it happens – in text, voice, images and video! Get all aspects of your experience as it happens!


Write your entry; add photos to capture the moment. Record conversations or audio snippets, take video clips and add them to your ‘journal’ entry. At the end of the day share it out to friends and family by email or to the web for the world


Who is it for?

Basically, if you can find stories to share from your life and your life experiences, it’s for you! (That basically means, everyone who’s alive)


How does it work?

Well, simply, type text, take photos or videos, press a button to record and play back audio recordings, save your stuff, press another button to share online or by email and voila!

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