Israel pivots to Africa but Nigeria missing

Israel pivots to Africa but Nigeria missing

Binyamin Netanyahu has just wrapped up a four-nation visit to Africa. Its governments, facing Boko Haram, al-Shabab and other extremist groups, are eager for Israeli security assistance. The trip underlines Israel’s shifting diplomatic strategy, away from relying on its Western allies and towards a broader approach. Israel is also trying to confront Iranian attempts to gain influence in the region, reports the Economist.

His itinerary included Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia and he took part in a summit with the leaders of these countries as well as South Sudan, Zambia and Tanzania. The prime minister took with him 80 businesspeople, representing 50 Israeli companies working in Africa and launching a programme for economic co-operation with sub-Saharan African countries.

We hope Nigeria makes the list next time as Nigeria needs Israel for its expertise in  agriculture  and security.

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