It Is Official – Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE Will Make Tablets On Windows Mobile. Is Nokia Dead?

Tomorrow, Tekedia will publish an analysts take on the future of Nokia and the gamble of abandoning its operating system (OS) to sign up for Microsoft Windows. This could turn out be a very big strategic blunder by the new CEO.


It is already confirmed that Acer, Fujitsu and Zte will make tablets in Windows Mobile. The big question is? How can Nokia compete in this space with this low cost brands. Nokia might have prepared its grave in this alliance with Microsoft.  Without any right of exclusivity, the deal is not right. Windows Mobile will turn out to be like Android and many players will join. That way, the money that Nokia paid Microsoft might not have helped it that much.


OS is becoming a commodity and Windows is joining that wagon which Android started. But for Nokia, it is innovate now or become history. Yes, they will, but what of the cost? People in the developing world will surely choose a cheaper version than what Nokia will give. With three Asian giants in the game, that premium price may not be possible.

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We will be giving you information on the new Mango from Microsoft. All that will be coming on Tekedia tomorrow.


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