It’s Graduation Day – Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 4

It’s Graduation Day – Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 4

Dear Member,

Let me begin by congratulating you for completing this academic excursion with Tekedia Institute. I am very confident that your business capabilities have been deepened, and that you are ready to go into the markets, and advance the wealth in nations.

We thank you for joining us for the 4th edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA. At 7pm WAT today, we will bring this edition to a closure (Zoom link in the Board).  On behalf of our Faculty, staff and the entire community, thank you for choosing Tekedia Institute for your learning journey.

From today, you are part of the Tekedia alumni community. Yes, today does not end the knowledge excursion; this is just the beginning of this co-learning and co-advancement relationship. (Because we do not like sending many emails, please open an account at for updates. We created it to keep our members and alumni engaged.)

We will be back with Tekedia Innovation Week and Tekedia Career Week later in the year.

May 8, 7pm-8.30pm WAT | It’s Graduation Day  –  Tekedia | Zoom in board


Tekedia Team


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