The Higher Degrees And PhD

The Higher Degrees And PhD

When the Greek philosophers postulated that the zenith of all knowledge is philosophy, they did not know that a Nigerian prophet was yet to be born. As they debated, pushing all the constructs on the foundation of natural philosophy, and crafting logic as the epicenter and finality of all knowledge, with the knowledge baptism of PhD (philosophy) as the height of formal knowledge pursuit, they did not get the memo from Prophet Tayo Olaniyi, HD.

Yes, when they give you a Doctor of Philosophy, Economics; Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics;  Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, etc, after your studies, the world is saying: you have mastered the logic of economics, mathematics, electrical engineering, etc, respectively.

But now read what Prophet Olaniyi has: HD, which is higher than degrees meant for small men and women (masters, PhD, PhD-Professors) and which are substandard to state-level Adam!

National Universities Communion (NUC), Nigeria, your classification of degrees is missing HD – and that needs to be fixed. Hahaha.


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One thought on “The Higher Degrees And PhD

  1. Awopetu Emmanuel · Edit

    This cracked me up when I saw it, but no worries, it only shows that human by default want to be respected and treated with dignity.

    So on this I hereby declare myself as Emmanuel Awopetu HD, lol!


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