Twitter Invents A New Era of Bankable Social Conversations with Tip Jar

Twitter Invents A New Era of Bankable Social Conversations with Tip Jar

Do you create good content? You may be open for a really big party, as Twitter opens a new age in social media and the whole nexus of social conversations. Yes, if your Tweet is valuable and indeed bankable, someone can send you money via a new feature Twitter has introduced called Tip Jar; only few people are in that party now, but it would be open to everyone soon: “Only select groups of users have been invited to add a “tip jar” icon to their account, including journalists, nonprofits and artists, which allows for anyone on the site to send payment.”

Twitter promises not to take a cut, and all the tips go to the creator of the content. Indeed, that is the real support many people are looking for in this age.

Yes, he has 350,000 followers and he is still looking for a job. Sometimes, I do not understand how that is possible. For 350k people to have followed up, you must have been good on something.  Yet, it is possible that most of those followers were tricked with fake promises of jobs, and the usuals.

I expect Facebook, Instagram and possibly LinkedIn to join this redesign very soon. Pure and simple, the follows, shares, retweets, likes, etc may not matter that much as a better gold standard has emerged: ego, kudi, owo. Expect people to close posts with “ I prefer a tip in USD, not Naira” bringing another fight in Nigeria! The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cannot have free air. Lol. Forex on Tweet!

Twitter has launched a new “tip jar” feature that lets people send money to others on the social network. The company says the feature is “an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation”. To begin with, only a select group of people can receive tips – a group Twitter said was made up of “creators”, journalists, experts, and non-profits.

But the feature has also been criticised for exposing personal information such as email addresses.

The tip jar function essentially adds a small icon to a user’s profile – on mobile devices only for now – with a drop-down menu for other payment providers such as PayPal, Venmo, or the Cash App, the latter two of which are popular in the United States.

PayPal, Venno and other social-native fintechs are used by Twitter to collect the funds. I expect Flutterwave to make the cut for Nigeria and some countries in Africa. It would be a massive growth vista for any partner chosen by Twitter.


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4 thoughts on “Twitter Invents A New Era of Bankable Social Conversations with Tip Jar

  1. More like digital begging on the part of recipient, and digital alms giving on the part of donor.

    But before people start falling on top themselves to grow following in order to receive tips, we need a productive economy. All these are distractions, they don’t allow people to work on things that can truly build a society. In the end, you keep sending money to those who are already comfortable.

    Humans continue to diminish in self worth…

    1. Digital begging is not the right way of looking at this. People do appreciate good words. I am sure many will support those that help them get better. See it as funding people that educate and inform you.


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