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It’s Time, Nigerian Leaders Must Lead to Avert Catastrophe

It’s Time, Nigerian Leaders Must Lead to Avert Catastrophe

“It is getting to a level that traditional leaders could no longer pacify the people from revolting against government and political leaders that are supposed to find solutions to their lingering socio-economic plight…We have reached that level, people are very agitated, people are hungry, they are angry, but they still believe there are people who can talk to them, they believe in some of their Governors, some other traditional rulers and some  of their religious leaders, fortunately some of us double as traditional and religious leaders.”- Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar-led Northern Traditional Council

Nigerian leaders (economic, political, religious, etc) must wake up. Yet, I do posit that there is even “no hunger” in Nigeria at the moment. At least farmers farmed last year before the current acceleration of insecurity. Largely, no farming is going on in Benue (the food basket of the nation), Nassarawa, etc right now. By November this year, Nigeria will experience severe economic turbulence since the harvest will be so low that  food prices will hit new records, if our leaders FAIL to lead.

More so, the increase in fuel price and FX paralysis have made many farmers poorer to the extent many cannot afford farm inputs. So, we have a double whammy and many of these issues are own-goals scored by Nigeria against itself.

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Our leaders should not trivialize Nigeria’s current trajectory and even protests will not change anything. I hope Mr. President can call a global press conference for two hours, and explain in his own words what he plans to do, to change the current path.  It is that moment to lead, for those who sought for the job. The 11am phone is ringing – and Nigeria waits for answers.


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1 THOUGHT ON It’s Time, Nigerian Leaders Must Lead to Avert Catastrophe

  1. You expect who to call a press conference and say what exactly? It’s like you have forgotten how Buhari did it for eight solid years. How many times did you ever hear Buhari speak to Nigerians during his uninspiring and atrocious eight years? Of course we had Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu and co insulting Nigerians at every turn, they were the ones doing the talking. Tinubu continued from where Buhari stopped, so you will hear more from Onanuga, Ngale and co, the night will be very long.

    Well, everything is on life support right now, until someone pulls the plug, and darkness will overrun everyone. Don’t complain, and never explain.

    Whether you are perplexed or complexed, we all gonna stick around and watch everything play out, nobody is going anywhere.

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