Home Community Insights Top Crypto Presale BlockDAG Network Announces $2M Mega Giveaway; Pulls in Investors From Kelexo and Pushd

Top Crypto Presale BlockDAG Network Announces $2M Mega Giveaway; Pulls in Investors From Kelexo and Pushd

Top Crypto Presale BlockDAG Network Announces $2M Mega Giveaway; Pulls in Investors From Kelexo and Pushd

Recently, the crypto community witnessed the rapid sellout of BlockDAG coin during its batch 1 presale. Investors rushed towards the presale as the project launched and sold 1 billion BDAG coins, ushering the presale to batch 2 and returning over 50% in ROI. Looking at the rising interest of the crypto community, the project announced a $2 million giveaway, giving the community a chance to reach their financial freedom.

On the other hand, the Kelexo Presale, touted as a game-changer in the crypto sphere, has had investors questioning the project’s legitimacy. At the same time, cynicism was also sensed about Pushd crypto presale’s potential to succeed.

Kelexo Presale: A Need for Reassurance

The fact that over 7000 registrants have already lined up to join stage 1 of Kelexo’s presale as of February 2024 is a testament to its alluring potential, and observers in the industry believe that the early demand could portend parabolic growth for Kelexo (KLXO) in 2024 and 2025.

Kelexo (KLXO) is building the first decentralized P2P lending marketplace where users can easily lend and avail of crypto-backed credit—without the traditional hassles of lengthy know-your-customer processes, hidden charges, and dealing with intermediaries and gatekeepers at every step of the way.

Pushd Crypto Presale: Volatility Cast Shadow

Pushd (PUSHD) is a pioneering first mover in the e-commerce and cryptocurrency space, with plans to build the world’s first fully decentralized P2P marketplace. With over 25,500 registrants to date, Pushd’s (PUSHD) presale is gaining significant traction, and its native token Pushd (PUSHD) is almost a sure bet to surge in value in the coming years.

Meanwhile, BlockDAG emerges as the ideal crypto investment option, raising $1 million in just 24 hours, showcasing investor confidence and solidifying its position as a sudden sensation in the crypto world.

BlockDAG Presale’s $2 Million Giveaway

The rush to BlockDAG presale among Kelexo and Pushd presales shows the importance of transparency and stability in the crypto market. The 1 billion sellout of BlockDAG coins in batch 1 presale ushers the project to batch 2, increasing the price by 50%.

Given the increased interest of investors during the initial batches, the developers announced a $2 million mega giveaway initiative. By the end of the giveaway, 50 lucky community members will gain massive cash prizes. To participate in the giveaway, participants should make sure that they follow the social media channels, submit their wallet address, increase their chances by completing all the quests and bring friends for extra entries.

Distinguished by its pioneering integration of the Directed Acyclic Graph structure and the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, BlockDAG remains steadfast in setting new benchmarks through its innovative technology and investor-centric approach. The success of its batch 1 presale solidifies BlockDAG’s position as a cryptocurrency poised for substantial growth, drawing interest from seasoned investors and newcomers alike. With anticipation building for its forthcoming mainnet launch, as it progresses into batch 2 of its presale, BlockDAG continues to garner huge attention.

Author’s Recommendation

In summary, BlockDAG is a favourable choice compared to Kelexo and Pushd in the top crypto presales. The transparency and stability offered by BlockDAG, evident in its rapid sellout and subsequent price increase, contrast with the uncertainties surrounding Kelexo and Pushd. With its $2 million giveaway initiative, BlockDAG further reinforces its appeal to investors, providing an opportunity for community members to benefit.

BlockDAG sets a precedent for reliability and innovation in the cryptocurrency market through its innovative integration of Directed Acyclic Graph technology and Proof-of-Work consensus. As it progresses into batch 2 of its presale and prepares for its mainnet launch, BlockDAG continues to attract attention and position itself as a promising investment option.


Join BlockDAG Presale & Become a Millionaire:

Presale: https://purchase.blockdag.network

Website: https://blockdag.network

Telegram: https://t.me/blockDAGnetworkOfficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/Q7BxghMVyu

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