Join Ndubuisi Ekekwe At Tekedia Live – “Planning a Career in a New Country”

Join Ndubuisi Ekekwe At Tekedia Live – “Planning a Career in a New Country”

On Saturday, July 17,  at Tekedia Live, the live version of Tekedia Mini-MBA,  I will speak on “Planning a Career in a New Country”. My presentation will be divided into three phases: before you leave, the early years in a new country, and maturity. I will share some things which worked for me and some lessons learned!

For example, before I left Nigeria, I moved all my academic transcripts to World Education Services with the mindset that if they are there, I will  never have to deal with any Nigerian university for a transcript. So, WES has all, and if I need a copy, I pay it and within days, they deliver.

Why did I do that? Many in then FUTO Alumni Yahoo group were complaining of delays on transcripts. I felt I could deal with that issue once and all while in Nigeria; I am glad I did!

And more tips: focus on earning more per hour and not pushing to work 24 hours in a day! If you double your hourly rate, you’ve halved the time you need to clock in. So, what is the plan to be at 1.5x minimum wage within 2 years, depending on where you are starting?

America, for example, is easy to figure out. I began at $7.25 per hour (Tuskegee University farm automation work study student) but in grad school in Johns Hopkins University, I moved to $23 per hour! The key is this: you need a plan to unlock opportunities.

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