Junior vacancy in Nigeria – Project Management – Power Start-up.

Junior vacancy in Nigeria – Project Management – Power Start-up.

A LinkedIn contact reached out to me about a vacancy. She is looking for a position in Nigeria to work in a start-up project in the ‘Power’ sector and asked me if I could recommend anyone. I thought it might be a good idea to share the opportunity with my Tekedia and my LinkedIn communities.

The position title is ‘Project Coordinator’ though the recruiter stresses that this is a ‘junior’ role.

The client has existing operations in UK, Egypt and South Africa.

The candidate needs to have Minimum 5 years experience in Nigeria in the Power Industry with Power Plant/Power Generation. Also knowledge of Project Management

I have no information on remuneration beyond a comment from the recruiter that:  ‘Whatever the candidate is earning right now, they will offer a better pay’.

I cannot provide any additional information and will not be servicing any comments added to this contribution/post. Anybody curious to find out more should reach out to the recruiter directly .through the link below.

Thanks John



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