Kamusi Is The Home of Internet Living Swahili Dictionary – To Produce Dictionaries for African Languages

Kamusi Project is the  home of the Internet Living Swahili Dictionary. It is a participatory international effort dedicated to the languages of Africa. The mission is to produce dictionaries and other resources for African languages, and to make those resources available everywhere to everyone.


The Kamusi Project is the joint product of two non-profit, non-governmental organizations:
Kamusi Project International, a tax-exempt public charity registered in Switzerland, is responsible for all project activities outside of the United States
Kamusi Project USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt American public charity, and is responsible for all project activities within the US


They have got sections to enjoy in that website, as follows:

  • Our history
  • Our current activities
  • The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
  • The Edit Engine and other editorial tools
  • Software for Swahili and other African languages
  • Kiswahili Grammar Notes, a free textbook for understanding the Swahili language
  • The Swahili Clock – the only clock that counts time the East African way
  • Frequently Asked Questions


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