Kenya Constituency Development Fund Takes Technology To The Citizens. Now, Government Cannot Hide Facts

Kenya Constituency Development Fund: Community Tracking and Mapping was developed by Jamila Amin and Mikel Maron. This application allows Kenyans to easily view both official and on-the-ground details of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects that are ongoing in Kibera, a neighborhood of Nairobi and the world’s second largest slum.


This application will review and map submitted reports on the real status of aid and development projects on the ground, in contrast to official government reports, as well as allocated amounts, contractor details, photographs, and geographic locations. This evidence-based monitoring, combined with the communication power of maps and the web, serves as a powerful advocacy tool for improved accountability of development funds in Kenya.


Statement of purpose

While a certain level of corruption goes on everywhere, corruption in Kenya is seen as an endemic problem, a regular part of life.


According to a report by the National Anti-corruption Campaign Steering Committee, many of the CDF tenders are awarded to allies of sitting MPs. The committee also established that thereis no serious monitoring and evaluation of the on-going projects initiated through this funds.


The need to combat these problems and promote transparency in CDF funding motivated the development of this app. The tool will not only allow KCODA monitors and residents of Kibera to follow up on projects and report their real status, but will also allow other NGOs, government bodies and individuals to view how their money is spent.


We are targeting Kenya in general and in the ongoing development of this tool, Kenyan transparency organizations and citizens will be able to submit reports, images and videos, and map projects..

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