Key 5 Values Nigerian FM Industry Professional Body First Executive Members Are Bringing to the Industry

Key 5 Values Nigerian FM Industry Professional Body First Executive Members Are Bringing to the Industry

In 2018, the Association of Facilities Management Practitioners of Nigeria (AFMPN) birthed after several years of consultation with the key stakeholders in the industry and government officials at the Federal level. It was on Wednesday 27th June, 2018 at Onikan City Mall that practitioners and key players gathered for the announcement of the association.

Analysing the event, the gathering indicates that the rapid growth of the industry valued at less than $1 billion is no longer far, but near. While introducing the association, Paul Erubami one of the Chief Executive Officers of key players in the industry says: “This association will work with the various stakeholders, affiliate associations, similar bodies, associated international bodies among others to achieve the core purpose. We will liaise with similar professional bodies and academic institutions towards the development of the right skills and knowledge for the industry’s growth.”

Collins Osayamwen
Paul Erubami

Some days ago, Mr Collins Osayamwen was elected as the first president of the young association. Mr Paul Erubami became the deputy president while Mrs Olatokunbo Lawal, Mr Olumide Aina and Mr Timothy Adeyemi were elected as Directors of Finance and Administration, Membership and Professional Development, and Marketing Communication & Public Relations respectively.

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These executive members have varied years of experience from different positions. Analysis of the years of experience indicates that they have 15 years as average, while they have 75 cumulative years of experience. Our analyst notes that this is laudable for an emerging industry that needs radical development with sustainable innovations in the areas of collaboration, knowledge acqusition and development.

Exhibit 1: Years of Experience

Source: Infoprations Analysis, 2021

Mapping and analysis of the core features in experiences of the elected members indicate that people performance and management, processes and standardization, planning, sustainability and optimization are likely to be the early core benefits the members and players in the industry would derive from the elected executives.

Available information reveals that Mr Collins Osayamwen have cognate experience in the areas of processes and procedures standardisation. This was gleaned from his fellowship and membership of national and international organisations responsible for institutionalisation of best local and global practices. His strengths, according to our analyst, would be further strengthened with over 20 years of experience in consulting and training across multiple sectors and across many countries in Africa of Mr Paul Erubami,a licensed IFMA instructor on FMP, CFM, SFP and other programmes.

Process and people transformation prowess of Mrs Olatokunbo Lawal, the Chief Executive Officer of Wilco, would be a great addition. Industry and academic teaching experience of Mr Olumide Aina are expected to be added value to the association. With his election, our analyst notes that the association should be able to have a number of strategic partnerships with academic institutions.

Exhibit 2: Core Values in Experience

Source: Infoprations Analysis, 2021

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