Kickstarter Is Two Years – My Roommate and Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen Doing Well

I want to congratulate Perry Chen, the CEO of Kickstarter who was my room mate in TED 2010. It is amazing how this young company is firing on all cylinders. The numbers released today are very great. Congratulations Perry. It is great speaking with you – get the numbers up….always.



“Kickstarter is a way to break beyond the traditional methods — loans, investment, industry deals, grants — to discover that we can offer each other value through creation without a middleman dictating the product and terms.” — Why Kickstarter? blog post, April 29, 2009


Two years ago today on April 28, 2009, Kickstarter launched. There was no party, little fanfare. Two of the first projects were launched by us. There were blog posts here and there, but for the most part our debut flew below the radar.


Some great early projects brought momentum — Allison Weiss, Kind of Bloop, Designing Obama. Each project seemed to inspire three more. And backing a project was fun. In exchange there were updates from the road, thoughtful rewards, a story to share. Every project was a quest to do something exciting, something meaningful. Everyone got to play a part.


It’s been an amazing beginning. We’ve met so many incredible people, been a part of this. We couldn’t ask for more.


To celebrate our second birthday we’ve decided to open up the vaults. We’ve dug deep into our dashboard to share pretty much every metric from Kickstarter’s first two years. The numbers and charts tell the story far better than we could. We hope you enjoy.


Written: Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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