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Kill Your Fear to Unveil Your Potential

Kill Your Fear to Unveil Your Potential

How to unveil your potential. 

Long time ago, a tourist asked me on how to recognize one’s potential. I simply replied to him, “to every human, there is a measure of potential.”

But many people still fail to realize that everyone has got potential in him. 

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What do you understand by the word, ”potential”?

Potential can be defined as a chance or possibility that something will happen or exist in the future. In other words, is a quality that someone has knowingly or unknowingly that can be developed to make it better. Also, it is an inbuilt ability in someone that can be developed to help that person become successful. 

Often times, I asked myself if I have what it takes to be a writer.

Why? Because I’ve never written anything before. 

My friend once advised me to go into writing. I laughed him off. I said it’s not my way. I gave many excuses. But there’s one thing he said that struck a chord in me, ”you don’t know what you can do until you try.” I definitely agreed to that statement. 

I decided to give it a try. I wrote my first article but it was full of blunders. I didn’t bother to post it because of the fear of being mocked. He gave me the push – just do. 

I summoned the courage and published it. But to my surprise, no one cares about the blunder. All that matters was the message. That’s when I realized that what we fear most times doesn’t really exist. 

Imagine what you would have achieved if you had not let fear gripped you? 

Fear is a killer of potential. Fear has buried much destiny. Many youths out there have the potential in them, but the fear of what the public would say have turned their dreams to a mirage. Does it really matter? 

The truth is, you can never overcome what you fear. 

How to unveil your potential. 

  • Face your worst fear: There is a saying that everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. I agree. Until you learn how to face your fear, you can never unveil your potential. Action fights fear. By taking small steps, you’re building evidence to show that you are more and can do more than you think.
  • Take a step: They said the journey of a thousand-year starts with a step. Wow…..I love this. Nothing starts until you start. If you pause, things paused. When you start, things start. No destiny achievers remain stagnant, they take a step. I understand that when you start, you might come across many obstacles. Even your parents can tell you it’s impossible. But always bear this in mind that life gives you option, you make a decision. To every great step, there is a great decision.
  • Be determined: Problems are real. Problems come in many ways. Some are minor, while some are big. If you come across any, treat it like it’s your last day on earth. If you want to unveil your potential, you must have a strong determination.
  • Be positive: Our doubts are nothing but useless thoughts created by our mind by its filtering process. The more negative information we subject our mind to, the more our brain will filter our thoughts in conjunction with that information. Lack of confidence comes as a result of habitual negative thoughts. Be positive when taking actions.

Note: Nothing starts until you start. Unveil your potential by doing the needful.

 Credit: Adeleke Lekan


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