Kukurooku Is Twitter That Connects Families and Friends

Twitter cannot see more of African equivalents. They are coming often these days. Welcome Kukurooku.


Simply, why tweet when you can cluck? Kukurooku is an African micro-blogging platform available on both mobile and desktop platforms. Kukurooku, a name derived from the clucking sound of the cock, is a Twitter-like service which helps family and friends stay connected through the exchange of quick, short updates, usually referred to as clucks. Clucks typically have a text limit of 160 characters or fewer.


From their Help Section


What is Kukurooku?

Kukurooku is a service for friends and family to stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. Users write short updates, often called ‘clucks’ of 160 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile and sent to your followers.


What do I need to use Kukurooku?

All you need to use Kukurooku is an internet connection or a mobile phone. Join us here! Once you’re in, type your ‘CLUCK’ update into the web box.

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