The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem Could Provide That Network For Funding

The Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem is a dynamic network of business owners, investors and corporate partners designed to bolster economic growth by enabling the flow of ideas, services and capital with the entrepreneur community in Nigeria.


The mission of The Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem is to create a sustainable enabling environment for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. We provide access to growth stimulating expertise and valuable resources, creating stronger, more successful businesses.


About the organization

In spite of an abundance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the pivotal role they play in economic development, SMEs in Nigeria are faced with overwhelming challenges that threaten their survival and ability to reach their full potential. So, The Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem was created to improve the chances of survival and maximize the potential of SMEs in Nigeria by drawing entrepreneurs and stakeholders together, and facilitating discussion and knowledge sharing.


Our key objectives are:

  1. To establish a self-sustaining community of entrepreneurs in Nigeria
  2. To identify, address and overcome common infrastructure, business acumen and skill barriers to the success of entrepreneurs and businesses.
  3. To provide a medium for aggregation and circulation of up to date and relevant news, research and intelligence to aid business survival and growth
  4. To create a forum for discussion and collaboration between entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, and other stakeholders.
  5. To encourage and enable the growth of the SME sector as a driver for economic development


Alitheia Capital Limited drives The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem with support from The Aspen Institute of Development Entrepreneurs, who has committed to providing funding for a portion of the Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem’s activities through its Capacity Development Fund

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