Lafiya Cloud Hospital – A Telehealth System At Best

Lafiya Cloud Hospital – A Telehealth  System At Best

We are happy to announce that Tekedia Capital portfolio company which recently sealed a deal with Mastercard has  fully integrated ultrasound scanner to its Cloud Hospital. The “hospital” which can be positioned in churches, village squares (hello Ovim), schools, offices, mosques, INEC voting stations, etc now come equipped with satellite connectivity via Beeptool, solar charging station, sensors and diagnostic equipment (typical in hospitals), and so on.

Once you work into the “hospital”, you can dial a doctor via the mobile app and as the doctor speaks with you, he/she can ask you to take your temperature reading (we have a thermometer there) or other things.  This is Telehealth at the best; we have unified atoms and bytes, unbounding the constraints on the geography of doctors (the scientific miracle people).

Our vision is this: doctors should not be tethered to any specific location. Yes, we hate brain drain but if that happens, even in UK, Canada, etc, African doctors can still support.

In the next coming weeks, you will be seeing these solutions in your neighbourhood. A state government is partnering to grow micro-health entrepreneurs who can be trained to “operate” the equipment and improve the lives of people in urban and rural communities. And who knows: you may like to order one.

Have access to American doctors. Have access to Nigerian doctors. Have access to British doctors. etc. LaFiya TeleHealth is amazing; EHR powered by Medcera (email contacts on these websites for inquiries).

We #Move

We are actually more than a telehealth company. We are a medical equipment manufacturer with all systems engineered for IP connectivity-based world where we connect them via cloud. If you live in Zamfara and have a health app, you can speak with a doctor. But with our solution, our sensors/tools will make it possible for you to take temperature reading, do ultrasound, etc right in your home or village square or church We go beyond talking to a doctor at bytes, we deal with atoms, capturing patient data with our devices.

Families are buying the tools and right in Lagos, they call American doctors and have conversations based on data acquired via our many diagnostics tools.

We are excited for the promise of the future. Engineers save nations and we are engineering for Africa’s healthcare future.

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