Let’s Help With Your Patenting and Trademark Filing In Nigeria

Let’s Help With Your Patenting and Trademark Filing In Nigeria

Good people, I am reaching out to those creating new business models and technologies. My Practice has built a very solid business on helping companies file patents in Nigeria and also trademark their intellectual properties in Nigeria. Last year, we filed dozens in Abuja for clients.

If you have a need to trademark that IP or file a patent in Nigeria for that new technology or business model, please reach out. Our clients include banks, startups, MNCs, etc and we do it right. We will turn it around within days as we are very fast.

I have the best IP attorneys in our Abuja operation. Together, we will ensure you can focus on building and growing the business while the IP elements are managed. Do not even think about it: protect your flanks.

Yes, that logo or slogan needs to be trademarked. That business model or tech needs to be covered, in Nigeria. Do not take it for granted: from 2022, we will have a new economic system in Nigeria and those things will matter. Simply, as immersive connectivity comes to pass, expect immersive warfare on IP systems in the nation.

Reach out to my community manager (the email), my team will get to work to serve you: patent and trademark in Nigeria through Fasmicro Group Advisory services.

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