Life’s Little Lessons- Experience is Still the Best Teacher!

Life’s Little Lessons- Experience is Still the Best Teacher!

I used to wonder why people made certain choices at different stages in their lives.

As I grow older and experience certain things, I appreciate the fact that you never know what decision you would take or what you would do if faced with certain choices.

Somethings come with age and experience!

You can never learn certain things by reading a book, listening to a talk, attending seminars or workshops,

Passing through the fire to learn, means you actually have to pass through it.

People say learning from other people’s experience is better than learning from your own experience. This is not always possible to fully grasp your own ‘made to measure’ learning need.

No two journeys are the same, you can learn from other people’s experience in some instances, but I tell you, you have to experience certain things yourself to learn and this kind of learning would make more impact

It does not have to be a negative experience; it could be a positive experience.

An experience would make some scales fall off your eyes and you begin to realise who you truly are and not what other people have made you believe.

Another experience could turn you into a formidable force, a giant that cannot be pushed from side to side, while others would humble you.

You begin to smile and laugh at things/events that would normally make you feel bitter or sad and you ask yourself, “why did I not know this up till now”. Don’t blame yourself – you wouldn’t have known if you didn’t go through the fire; you’re not a magician!

With every experience comes a learning point and sometimes disappointments could be blessings in disguise.

Talk is cheap, they say, and yes it’s very cheap. You need to experience it to grasp it!

I have learnt to – never say never!

I have learnt to stop judging people and the choices they make.

I have rediscovered myself through certain experience and interacting with different people.

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