Looking For A Telecom Business Executive To Develop A 5G Course for Tekedia Mini-MBA

Looking For A Telecom Business Executive To Develop A 5G Course for Tekedia Mini-MBA

Good People, I am looking for a telecom business executive who has worked on the commercial and business sides of 5G networks. We are adding 5G as one of the technologies we want our next edition Tekedia Mini-MBA  members to understand. Yes, we want them to know the promises and possibilities so that they can prepare.

This sub-course should also include insights on how satellite broadband services like SpaceX Starlink could affect value-chain investments (MVNOs, airtime resellers, etc) on GSM terrestrial services (MTN, Glo, Safaricom, etc). Recently, SpaceX announced that its latency has achieved parity with most terrestrial networks: “SpaceX says its satellite internet service, Starlink, has achieved a latency under 20 milliseconds, which is on par with ground-based broadband.”

This course is expected to give clarity on how our members can reconcile these evolving paradigms, equipping them with practical insights to thrive at work. CDMA challenged land telephony in Africa. GSM destroyed CDMA and made land telephony largely history. Satellite broadband offers a new basis of competition if affordable satellite phones and improved latency materialize. What is the future of GSM and how can value chain investors plan for any potential redesign?

We want our learners to take this course and then return to their offices with deeper perspectives on the future. This course should inform, educate, etc around these nexus.

We will appreciate any recommendation; our contact is here.


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